the new rule…

there’s a new rule: i have 30 seconds to take a picture! 30 seconds! my hands tremble at every kodak moment; fumbling to get my lens unscrewed and the scene in focus. jeff implemented the rule last night while we were late-night grocery shopping (there’s something so therapeutic  about being in a sifted-through walmart almost totally alone)(besides the crazy coupon queens stalking up for labor day– you guy, mom pants!). we were in the parking lot and he was waiting for me to pop the trunk and he was looking so handsome! so pleased and content and happy. perhaps it was because we had finally, finally sold our coffee table with the lion legs? or maybe it was because we had just gotten over that two day back-to-school hump? the pecan-pie diet we started after my mom sent us one? the kick-butt dinner i made?

or maybe it was ‘us.’ at walmart. with the couponers. laughing over ‘cardio butter.’ yeah, let’s pretend that’s it.

also, sidenote: monday was out to get me. i waited in a line of 34 back-to-school shoppers, only to get to the front to realize i didn’t have any form of payment. and my bike tire popped on me. but at least jeff looked content?

side-side-note: can someone get me a baby or a pug already? jeff can’t take all these pictures!

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