• let reality television show times, diet coke, and inevitable ‘fat days’ dictate less of my life and mood.
  • be nice to myself. well, nicer. like, repeat ‘i’m beautiful!’ mantra in the mirror each morning type nice.
  • improve my manners, please and thank you!
  • improve my relationship with my heavenly father. i want us to become bff’s this year. i want to be the type of friends that are in 24/7 contact in which one conversation begins where the other one ended and there is seemingly no disconnect.
  • read more.
  • learn to master my camera (i am so excited for photography class!).
  • get back to the place where exercising is fun and not just…painful.
  • allow myself to be enveloped with happiness and gratitude. i feel like i have a lot to look forward to this year (italy!!!) and i want to be able to enjoy it 100%.
  • enjoy everything about being 19. i will never be 19 again, after all. i want to truly soak in…19-ness.
  • figure out what i truly love. i am in like with so many different things and really don’t have opinions on much. i am so…neutral. i want to begin to figure out what the heck makes my heart pitter patter and what i would be happy doing for the rest of my life…besides waking up next to james franco.
  • blog lots.

bring it on, 2012!