on brothers; younger ones, specifically.

on my LNW (late-night-walk) with avery, we talked about how we so badly crave the attention and approval of people who don’t really want to give it to us– people who think we are lame, weird, or obnoxiously good-looking (what? me?). over the past few years, my younger brother chad has fallen into that category of ‘people who think brooke is lame’ — it was such a subtle, slow-moving process! he began to laugh at my jokes less, dodge my ultimate-high-fives, and shy away from my compliments (YOU GUYS! he accused me of ‘hitting on him’ last time i visited– i can think my brother is cute, right?). WHAT HAPPENED? i thought i was automatically ‘cool’ because i was his elder–isn’t that how it works?

but i still seek after his danged approval! and how! 

while jeff and i were home earlier this month, chad celebrated his birthday with a SURPRISE! slip-n-slide birthday party and a family dinner. we decided to anti-roast him at dinner and tell seventeen reasons why he was rad (truth: i never say ‘rad’ in person, is that weird?). mostly it was about how he is the funniest, outgoing-est, party-starting-est member of the family. because he is, duh. you just want to be apart of his club, you know? 

anyways, happy belated birthday chadwick! sorry for hitting on you and holding your hand for far too many years, i am sure that was scarring. i will continue to try to buy your love forever. as long as it can be bought with a bed bath & beyond gift card.

june, where’d you go?!

the final two weeks of june were spent moving into and decorating the place that jeff and i will share come august. my mother came down with a truck-load of supplies and a car-load of kids to help me out (read: do it all while i floated around seven peaks’ lazy river and made ikea runs)(ikea’s soft serve vs. chic fil a’s? i just can’t decide!)(read: my mom is the literal best).

i loved having my family in town. it was so fun to show off provo to them. my favorite outings were to the movie brave (holy best. movie. ever. exclamation point. i recommend it as a mommy-daughter bonding date;  is there anything better than a date with your mom? i submit not.) and to provo’s comedy sportz (there’s something so tasty about soda that’s been snuck in, right?).

and! and we fused together the stapleton and (3/8ths of the) mosman clan. it was magical and chili’s tortilla chips were involved. i was sort-of actually nervous for the ordeal…mostly nervous for myself. when i’m trying to fuse together two groups of people i tend to get seriously awkward and try to force friendships; “susan likes rice and you ordered a rice bowl today and susan likes..breathing and so do you so…ha! friends? let’s take a picture together!” …luckily i didn’t have to build any bridges and everyone got along swimmingly.

bye, bye june!

happy mother’s day!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” //Washington Irving happy mother’s day to all mama’s out there, especially my own! i am so thankful for the profound influence that she continues to have on my life. she is such an example to me and makes motherhood look like the best job in the universe. she truly is the poster-child for selflessness (in the words of robert brault: “[she is] most likely to write an autobiography, and never mention herself…”), love, and kindness (but the perfect amount; she can still tell some killer jokes and tease you to a near-death).

…and she gave the ‘curvy’ gene, so…

a million thanks, mom! you’re the literal best.

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we’re off!

…to oregon! to visit my grandma and soak in her brooklyn accent. i am so glad that finals week is over and that i came out (relatively) unscathed (truth: for two of my finals, i didn’t even look at my score. i simply handed them in and power-walked out the door…avoiding the score screen like it was some kind of naughty picture!). now here’s to the pacific northwest!

perfect timing (a bridal shower!).

you know how sometimes things are perfectly timed? like, almost eerily so?

like how rihanna came out with the liberating “oh no you didn’t!” jam ‘take a bow’ TWO DAYS after my ninth-grade-loverboy decided to take the road more…”frequently traveled”(metaphorically speaking, robert!). eery, no? or how the weather always seems to get chilly right when my food-baby makes its permanent stay (thank YOU, layering!).

OR how my bridal shower fell on the exact week that i decided to give up on doing laundry (yes, i have taken to wearing the scandalous panty sets i received under my finals-week uniform of sweats and a sweatshirt…it’s like my little fancy secret!)(…also i’m kind of out of food andmoney at the moment…the jar of edible body icing is beginning to look awfully appetizing…).

a big ol’ thanks to my cousin jennie for throwing the whole thing (and for answering all of our personal questions about…that…)(…hi kaleb…?) and to katie for letting us use her beautiful home. and to everyone who came for putting up with my struggles in being sexy (“it’s pretty! it’s just so…sheer?!”) and showering me with gifts and love and advice.

a special little letter.

yesterday evening, my grandma mosman sent me the sweetest email! i just love her–she sent me a book all about italy when she found out that i was going to study there and then this little email when she found out i had completely ditched that plan because of falling so hard, so fast for jeff. my grandma is such a smart and kooky (in the best of ways!) lady that was madly (read: MADLY) in love with my grandpa; their marriage was so precious so this message was especially meaningful to me!

OK, so I cried….you sound just like I did when I met Grandpa.  So in love that I gave up a full ride scholarship to an Ivy League school, Sarah Lawrence, for the fall, because I couldn’t leave him.  I know you two will be every bit as happy as we were because you both believe, apparently, that it is a miracle you found each other.  And it is, it really is.  Love, G.

happy days and happy wednesday! :)

family in town!

my family came into town this past week for their spring break. in other words, they came into town to meet (and SERIOUSLY approve!) of jeff. ha. we spent most of the week eating and planning the wedding (THE WEDDING!)(BECAUSE I’M GETTING MARRIED!)(is this real life?!). it’s funny how i had pinned so many things about my fake wedding in my head but now that there’s actually a boy and a ring and a date (august 3rd, baby!) i can’t even come up with any ideas! thankfully jeff has a few of his own…oh heavens, help that boy. a few days ago he suggested that we have a sand volleyball and rockband tournament at our reception. ha. and he is insisting on having funnel cakes, fountain drinks, and a ranch fountain? hmmm?

anyways, these are pictures from one day we spent playing at the park with my cousin jennie and her precious daughters and then at a milagros’ mexican restaurant (suggest! suggest! suggest!) where jeff was thoroughly grilled by her. ha! i love how cute and protective my family is and how jeff just takes the grilling like a champ (“when did you know you were in love with brooke?” “when it was her turn to pick the song and she turned on ‘let’s get it on’ by marvin gaye!”)

p.s. sorry for being such a bad blogger! i am going to be better! a few nights ago i told jeff that i had to go home because i HAD TO BLOG! (which i didn’t actually do; confession: it’s harder to blog when great things are actually happening! ha!) my brain has been everywhere! in the words of my dad, he knew that he should be worried when i wasn’t blogging 3 times a day.