…obscene (a video!)

truth: without the help of the sweet (and savory!) allison riding, i am completely hopeless when it comes to video editing (…and cooking…and math…and tennis…). earlier this year, we did a farewell video for josh gill right before he left on his mission and i was so proud of it! i loved the way it turned out…but in all being-totally-seriousness, ally did everything. mostly i just peeked over her shoulder here and there till five in the morning and ate all of her teddy grahams.

that said, i am in no way a video editor. but i am a collector of really weird and inappropriate friends. yesterday we went on a little girl date to the salt lake real game and had quite the dance party in rachael’s convertible bug on the way down there. fortunately my camera was in my bag, so i got to capture a few of the most prized moments. the video is choppy and all over the place because i have NO video editing skills, but it captures their (rachael’s) inappropriateness nonetheless (…she’s kind of like a puppet…the best kind of puppet!).

…i love my friends :) (p.s. now can you see why the lady-parts doctor told me that i was ‘shockingly open’ about all things…lady?!? ha. no shame, no shame.)


once upon a saturday, my friends lindsay, josh, landon and i had run out of fun things to do. we were in salt lake city earlier that day watching the cougars play the ducks ($4.00 for a large pop!) and had just gotten back from the riverwoods where we walked in and out of stores and shared a chocolate bar four ways (…whilst reenacting charlie and the chocolate factory; i was the bedridden grandma georgina).

like most attractive young adults, lindsay had a date scheduled for later that night and was leaving us. she let us stay in her apartment where we ate all of her cheese and debated reasons for our dateless friday.

that got boring quickly (the answer was too obvious) and we three were all in the mood to dance and sing. well, i was.

five hours later, a music video was born.

it was one of those things that started out really spontaneous but ended up being a full-blown choreographed production. all done in lindsay’s apartment. while she was out on a date.

behold: book of mormon stories remix’d.

p.s. please ignore the entire part where my face is in the camera. i ran out of facial expressions and was trying to hold in my giggle snorts. we’re definitely going viral.

in the summer time…

in the summer time, me and some friends went and watched edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes at a park in salt lake city.

lots of sweaty indie people, lots of swaying, and lots of outfit-choice-regrets.

but such a good time. i felt so ‘urban outfitters’ the whole evening. ha. now all i need is a townie bike, skinny legs, and a strong liking towards men who have mustaches and wear shpants.

(also, for the record, avery is a concert pro. the lady pushed her way to the front of the line and handled the handsy little hipsters like a champion of sorts.)

elementary school talent show

For my entire high school career, final’s week always warranted for minimum sleep, thousands of note cards, unkempt hair, and zits. I am always cramming in as much information as I can and trying to make up for sleeping and texting all day during classes. I remember in 10th grade, I was so stressed that my mother gave me some aroma-therapy lilac smelling deliciousness to relieve some of my franticness. She also gave me a flask full of whiskey, engraved with the phrase ‘Good luck, favorite child!’, but that is besides the point.

This year, however, has been different. Finals week has been a breeze. Last night I opted out of studying and instead made cookies (well, I watched the Real Housewives Finale as the bearded one made cookies–they were chocolate chip with Oreo cookies inside of them; inventive, no?) and this morning I went for a seven mile run (irrelevant and a lie; but it impressed you, right?).

To further prove my point, I am currently typing this during a finals session. Point proven.

Moving on. For the Advanced Placement Spanish class (yes, Advanced Placement) final today we walked up to the elementary school to watch our teacher’s daughter’s performance. Right when we walked in I spotted an open seat right in the middle of the parent’s section and quickly took advantage of it (I fit right in, I was wearing my mom short’s). A few parent’s eyed me, trying to figure out who my child was, but quickly turned back to watch the girl singing a wonderfully terrible ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. I snickered to myself at these parents, thinking that I was a mom, and snickered some more at the rest of my class, forced to stand in the back.

I began to get really into the show. I yelled for the two boys with faux hawks (why?!) who shot hoops for a minute as their talent (they were 7/20…they really need to start making cuts at these deals), giggled furiously at the skinny girl who mumbled through ‘Purple People Eater’ and gawked openly at the surprising number of DILFS at this elementary school (a SURPRISING amount!).

Then, it began. The chubby boy who sported a bowl-cut and yellow cut-off shirt sauntered on up to the microphone and announced that he would be singing a rendition of ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ He started off quietly and gradually worked into a stand up performance complete with yelling, panting, dancing, and overhead clapping (MY FAVORITE!). Naturally, I joined in on the overhead clap and exchanged glances with the kid’s parents (how did I know? the dad was ALSO sporting a cutoff)(…not a dilf).

I began to wonder where my Advanced Placement Spanish class was at the end of JV Survivor’s rockstar performance (standing ovations aren’t contagious? whatttt?!) and turned to give the room a quick scan.

Long story shorter: THEY  HAD LEFT ME! Apparently my Spanish teacher’s daughter had already performed so they had left five minutes after arriving. I had been sitting, swaying, giggling and overhead clapping completely alone while my Advanced Placement Spanish class was back in the room, studying for the final like most normal high schoolers. I snuck out of the small auditorium, making sure to congratulate yellow cutoff boy, and walk-sprinted down to the high school. As I tore through the doors of my Advanced Placement Spanish class, they merely laughed and continued on studying. Anticlimactic.

Oh well, I would trade all the precious study minutes in the world to see that chubby little man singing his heart out again.

p.s. I am currently loving on this song and video. Her little tap dance jig makes me really, really excited for my tap dancing class at BYU. Say hello, calf muscles.

A day at the park with McKenzie and Chad

Today the sun was especially shining, McKenzie was looking especially cute, and Chad was especially bored.

So we went to the park and took those pictures and listened to this song(all thanks Chad):

“Music, sweet music, make the truth so clear.
Classics of love make a dark day light.
If you don’t believe the words just look into their eyes.
Sun shining down on a cloudy day,
I know those songs gonna last forever, that’s what I say.”

week-long brain fart

I’ve been suffering from a week-long brain fart. Every time I try to write something, it sorta, totally, kinda completely stinks.

(I think I’ve set the standard too high… Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hilarious in my latter posts? So witty? So insightful. Yeah. That must be it…)

To catch you up:

This weekend I went to Sky High with a group of my friends. What is Sky High you ask? Answer: It is a giant, warehouse filled with trampolines, foam-pits, and inevitable pit stains. Most fun thing ever. Though I realize I should never go there with anyone I want to be romantic with for multiple reasons (my trampoline face is not cute, things kept bouncing after I stopped, and, like aforementioned, inevitable pit stains).


That’s about it.

My life is back to long naps and half-hearted trips to the gym.

Happy Monday!

My girl-crush (of the month)

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow,

You leggy blonde, you,

Can I be you?

http://goop.com/ (yes, I subscribe to her newsletters)

But seriously.

Ever since I’ve watched the E True Hollywood story on Gwyneth Paltrow, my woman-crush on her has multiplied by a million. I have dreams that we hang out, sipping on our shakes made special for the cleansing diets we are testing out together and chatting up each other about the latest on our children named after produce and undoubtedly sexy husbands.