cinco de mayo!

*i meant to publish this on the actual fifth of may, but seemed to have forgot? forgive me?happy cinco de may…o! can i just tell you about my morning? i woke up with every intention to go to the gym and then waited at a stop light for twenty minutes as provo city marathoners panted on by me and my car. seeing the runners so tired was motivation…to crawl right back into bed. being exhausted just looked so…exhausting, you know?

a few bowls of cereal and a nap later, i was ready for another try at the gym. i hurriedly threw on some workout clothes and ignored my emerging food baby as i ran out the door–who was going to see me, right? i saw that there was a zumba class about to start and sprinted in there, hoping that no one would notice how late i was…or my food baby. right as i walked in, the instructor finished some long-winded explanation about waiver forms and consent and…wait, why are there cameras?!

i ignored it all and took my place right in the back of the class by the wall. i figured no one would see me…wait, WHY ARE THERE CAMERAS?! as the instructor began the routines (it should be illegal to look that good in orange spandex…!), i began to feel like someone was watching me and self-consciously body popped along with the class. then i realized that i was standing right in front of the camera! i asked the girl next to me and she said that it was a cinco de mayo zumba party and that they were filming for the club’s website!


me and my food baby weaved our way into the middle of the class and hid from the camera for the rest of the hour. why do i always have the worst luck?

also the zumba class is so funny. there is this one girl in it who i think is a reencarnation of the greek god narcissus. she hardly ever follows the instructor and instead trails off on hair whipping and body rolling tangents…which makes me trail off on staring and oh-my-gosh-is-anyone-else-seeing-this?! tangents.

…i’m making fun of her now but in actuality i always try to strike up a conversation with her after every class. we have basically nothing in common besides that we both like water? i was desperate for conversation…i just want to be friends…

…and scene!

perfect timing (a bridal shower!).

you know how sometimes things are perfectly timed? like, almost eerily so?

like how rihanna came out with the liberating “oh no you didn’t!” jam ‘take a bow’ TWO DAYS after my ninth-grade-loverboy decided to take the road more…”frequently traveled”(metaphorically speaking, robert!). eery, no? or how the weather always seems to get chilly right when my food-baby makes its permanent stay (thank YOU, layering!).

OR how my bridal shower fell on the exact week that i decided to give up on doing laundry (yes, i have taken to wearing the scandalous panty sets i received under my finals-week uniform of sweats and a sweatshirt…it’s like my little fancy secret!)(…also i’m kind of out of food andmoney at the moment…the jar of edible body icing is beginning to look awfully appetizing…).

a big ol’ thanks to my cousin jennie for throwing the whole thing (and for answering all of our personal questions about…that…)(…hi kaleb…?) and to katie for letting us use her beautiful home. and to everyone who came for putting up with my struggles in being sexy (“it’s pretty! it’s just so…sheer?!”) and showering me with gifts and love and advice.

…obscene (a video!)

truth: without the help of the sweet (and savory!) allison riding, i am completely hopeless when it comes to video editing (…and cooking…and math…and tennis…). earlier this year, we did a farewell video for josh gill right before he left on his mission and i was so proud of it! i loved the way it turned out…but in all being-totally-seriousness, ally did everything. mostly i just peeked over her shoulder here and there till five in the morning and ate all of her teddy grahams.

that said, i am in no way a video editor. but i am a collector of really weird and inappropriate friends. yesterday we went on a little girl date to the salt lake real game and had quite the dance party in rachael’s convertible bug on the way down there. fortunately my camera was in my bag, so i got to capture a few of the most prized moments. the video is choppy and all over the place because i have NO video editing skills, but it captures their (rachael’s) inappropriateness nonetheless (…she’s kind of like a puppet…the best kind of puppet!).

…i love my friends :) (p.s. now can you see why the lady-parts doctor told me that i was ‘shockingly open’ about all things…lady?!? ha. no shame, no shame.)