as per recommendation of maggie, i read the fault in our stars by jonathon green last week. you guys! maggie knows! the book flows so naturally; the books makes you laugh out loud and cry salty tears without forcing anything on you. you know? and you can buy it at costco! a book and a $1.50 hot dog and fountain drink? could there be anything better?

and as per recommendation of everybody and their great aunt, i am now reading the hunger games. okay, hi! i get it now! the hype is right! i am only a few chapters in and i already have a major girl-crush on katniss everdeen. she is seriously bad-a!

now, do you have any book suggestions? please don’t be shy! i am sure i will love it! (…unless it’s harry potter; those books weigh too much for my small biceps…)(or if it’s twilight. i don’t like twilight for reasons i will not get in to) (okay, since you asked: don’t you think edward and bella’s relationship is slightly abusive? like, he’s so controlling! and not even good-looking! and a vampire!)

hit me with them! (book recommendations, that is)