happy fourth of july! or fifth, rather.

76% of the time when jeff and i go out into the public world (a rarity!), we don’t talk. we just listen. romantic, no? …not actually. we listen to other people and their conversations, couple’s preferably. the fourth was an optimum time for this! at the parade on university avenue (provo seriously loves america…it’s like a week-long festival of america and hot dogs and glorified lemonade stands!), we saw couple’s cuddling and snuggling and telling each other about their “crazy bet with [their] brothers about how they have to be married by next august! isn’t that cool?” (his date shied away). then we went swimming and sat poolside as two boys wrestled each other. what? why? they started chatting up the ladies on the perimeter about their high school wrestling careers which then segued (surprisingly naturally!) into a debate about child-rearing.

finally, the fireworks. you guys! their was this adorable pug right beside of me and one of us, i’m not telling who, was so scared during the finally that defecation happened…poor little pug-guy. i thought that the world was about to end! those babies were loud! but even more interesting and frightening than the fireworks was the co-ed group of friends(question mark?) sitting beside us. they were extremely passive in their desperation for an eternal companion. like, almost so much that it was blatantly obvious…they kept suggesting games like ‘twister’ and ‘sushi tag’ (have you ever heard of sushi tag?! from the likes of it, it seems to be a game where it’s socially acceptable to grope one another! no, seriously!)(…truth: i’m not above it. they just didn’t let us play, sad face!).

and thus, the fourth. happy birthday america!

p.s. i got that swimsuit up there for FIVE DOLLARS! FIVE! high-FIVE to me?

p.p.s. before the fireworks show, we went through two separate drive-throughs for dinner…so american, right?!

solar eclipse extravaganza.

when jeff marched (with such masculinity!) into my kitchen on sunday afternoon and announced that we were going to the solar eclipse extravaganza in cedar city, i packed up a containers of berries and melon, grabbed my camera, and followed him out the door. 300 miles later, we arrived! i figured that we were the only people that were going to be at this extravaganza but, oh, how wrong i was! cars upon cars upon cars were parked on the side of the road with hundreds of people holding handmade eclipse-viewers and welding masks up tho their eyes. there were telescopes and overpriced hot dog stands and police men to oversee everything. we decided to park up at a church on top of a hill and watch this ‘once in a lifetime event’ (sadly we learned that eclipses happen annually…but, still…we won’t see it here till 2023!). it was…anticlimactic? nonetheless i screamed and cheered with jeff because he was so, SO into it (he was just having a particularly nerdy day; on the way there he explained to me the entire lord of the rings trilogy and on the way back, he reenacted the first three star wars’ movies…). three cheers for eclipses and adventures with the top person on my ‘list of favorite people whose names start with j and end with f’ (it’s a very extensive list).

happy mother’s day!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” //Washington Irving happy mother’s day to all mama’s out there, especially my own! i am so thankful for the profound influence that she continues to have on my life. she is such an example to me and makes motherhood look like the best job in the universe. she truly is the poster-child for selflessness (in the words of robert brault: “[she is] most likely to write an autobiography, and never mention herself…”), love, and kindness (but the perfect amount; she can still tell some killer jokes and tease you to a near-death).

…and she gave the ‘curvy’ gene, so…

a million thanks, mom! you’re the literal best.

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happy easter!

i hope your easter was relaxing and other like synonyms! mine was full of raspberry jello salad, church- outfit coveting, and home-ward nostalgia (…and slight homesickness; my mother was instagramming all these cute little pictures of my family and neighbors having an easter day feast…rude! ha).

leap year.

how to celebrate a leap year:

  1. drive to salt lake city and make a pit stop at sonic for happy hour drinks (with two shots of vanilla!) and a large order of tater tots.
  2. pull up to the building and debate braving the snowstorm that came out of left field and the two and a half hours of economics class but then turn to one another and telepathically say “let’s skip class.” (truth: it was a long debate initiated by him in the pros and cons of missing class)
  3. sprint over to the energy solutions arena, buy tickets to the jazz vs. houston game that is going to start in 84 minutes, shovel down an overpriced dinner, and repeat over and over and over again “WE ARE SO SPONTANEOUS!” and then realize that acknowledging you are spontaneous cancels out any ounce of true spontaneity.
  4. watch(ish) the game from the nosebleeds (we were in FOLDING CHAIRS!) but mostly just listen to the gaggle of ten year old boys in front of us and their dating lives. WHY DO THEY HAVE DATING LIVES?!
  5. leave game. drive home with heat on high and say HAPPY LEAP YEAR! (or maybe just goodnight?)

the end. happy leap year! and happy birthday, leaplings!

happy president’s day!

boy after my own heart……waiting so patiently in line for more-than-mediocre samples at costco (no really, he stood there for five minutes).

today was good. like eating combo pizza and watching warrior and playing with the new iphone (siri! you’re so cool!) and coming home to a case full of diet cokes from the best roommate in the land type good. actually this weekend was good. like staying in a cozy cabin and eating huge pancakes for breakfast and catching up on all my tv shows and taking four-hour naps and seriously liking my new not-glorious and slightly embarrassing but seriously lax second job type good.

…i’m clearly easily entertained.

happy (post-)president’s day to you!