…so married-student wards are weird (and so are married students. ha! self deprecation!) at least ours’ was. there was no before-class gossiping or after-class lingering or even during-class note passing! it’s like these people are adults or something! thus, i decided to start shopping around for a new ward (…or go test our other option). you guys, there were SIX babies blessed that day. SIX! and all of them were trendily-named, it was like a competition! (that i will gladly participate in when it’s the appropriate time; it’s inevitable that my kids are going to get beat up on the playground if someone doesn’t intervene with my name options…)anyways, we were still exhausted on monday from listening to all of those cutesy names and were in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. the local park seemed fitting! aren’t we trendy! …is park-going trendy? probably not, but seeking out concerts is! and that’s what we did. we sat down and listened to the music for awhile until we realized that we were in the midst of a park-church of sorts…and then we got up and started swaying with them! the people there were all so nice and the guy conducting had a voice like rafiki :) (…even while he was condoning polygamy?)(no, seriously. but he did bring up some valid points…just kidding!).we ended the night at cubby’s, a new restaurant in town right next to little ceasar’s. recommend, recommend, recommend! i ordered the beet and goat cheese salad because i have a mad-crush on beets…and goat cheese (WIN!) and jeff got the philly sandwich. my salad was one of the better salads that i’ve gotten at a restaurant (it was actually seasoned!) and the generous bite i had of jeff’s sandwich was tasty. plus i am obsessed with the interior of the place.

also i’ve watched all three seasons of arrested development this week, are you judging me? (i have a post of my favorite AD quotes sitting in my draft box–it’s a bit out-of-hand!)

we bought a zoo!

…or an apartment, rather. (but have you ever seen that movie? okay, bawled my eyes out! it was so touching and scarlett johansson officially never looks bad…ever. even in an ill-fitting zookeeper’s suit!) we are pretty, seriously excited about it…even though we can’t actually live there together yet…but, oh! is it fun to look at!and now i switch gears: how do you take a good self-picture on the phone, people?! jeff and i try so hard but every time the front camera is facing us we just…freeze. well, jeff does. he has this incredible ability to maintain the same face in every single picture (no, seriously. you should see all of our engagements!) while i twitch and dance like a strobe light. behold:…painful. this was supposed to be our ‘WE JUST SIGNED THE CONTRACT AND OWN AN APARTMENT!’ faces but, as you can see, FAIL. i think it is mostly due to our camera-awkwardness but also because we had, minutes before this picture attempt, realized that there was no dishwasher in the place that we had just signed for…and owned. three cheers for hand-washing? four cheers for paper plates and plastic cutlery?

i might just add this whole ‘selfy’ thing to the long, exhausted list of stuff that i am not very good at THUS pretend to think is lame. like slalom skiing, walking in heels, and hugging people with backpacks on (so lame!). as i told jeff on our first date, i am not humble by choice, i am humble by default (dangit, genes!).

now, five cheers to that!

solar eclipse extravaganza.

when jeff marched (with such masculinity!) into my kitchen on sunday afternoon and announced that we were going to the solar eclipse extravaganza in cedar city, i packed up a containers of berries and melon, grabbed my camera, and followed him out the door. 300 miles later, we arrived! i figured that we were the only people that were going to be at this extravaganza but, oh, how wrong i was! cars upon cars upon cars were parked on the side of the road with hundreds of people holding handmade eclipse-viewers and welding masks up tho their eyes. there were telescopes and overpriced hot dog stands and police men to oversee everything. we decided to park up at a church on top of a hill and watch this ‘once in a lifetime event’ (sadly we learned that eclipses happen annually…but, still…we won’t see it here till 2023!). it was…anticlimactic? nonetheless i screamed and cheered with jeff because he was so, SO into it (he was just having a particularly nerdy day; on the way there he explained to me the entire lord of the rings trilogy and on the way back, he reenacted the first three star wars’ movies…). three cheers for eclipses and adventures with the top person on my ‘list of favorite people whose names start with j and end with f’ (it’s a very extensive list).

bruges waffles and frites.

something that i noticed about jeff early on (and loved!) was that he shared my love of adventures and food and adventures for  food. we love to look up ‘cheap eats’ around utah county and try them out (rules: both meals must be roughly under 15 dollars, drink must be shared, bread basket encouraged). on thursday we finally, finally tried out bruges waffles and frites in salt lake city and it did not disappoint! (we actually had to make the trip to pick up a chinese kung fu man suit…? ha. jeff is in his friend’s movie and is an emperor!)(i was cast in it too! as the floozy party girl who hits on the emperor, makes out with him, and then leaves…and, action!)y1of1-3-2jeff ordered the waffle monster, a leige waffle stuffed with delicious speculoos spread (umm, hi! cookie in a bottle!), vanilla bean ice cream, and fresh blueberries…he almost shared. i ordered the frites with andalouse sauce (it’s like fancy mayo) and was in starchy-goodness heaven.

we ended the day watching some adult-league kickball in the park (on accident) and developing major crushes on the flamboyant pitcher…he was just so cute!

…and that was our thursday :)

a not-so-monday monday.

my cheeks are sun burned, my shoes are grass-stained, and my hair is in a crazy, windblown bun.

…in other words, today was perfect! the sun was out (like, for REALS out!) and class was…optional…basically…? jeff and i took advantage of the weather and spent the day at the park eating especially delicious apples and bacon avocado sandwiches and going on little bike rides.

i think i love you, monday?