veggie crazed.

you know those people. the ones that say they “don’t feel right” without their morning 12 mile run, or a long, sweaty session of hot yoga? people who claim they actually “don’t really like carbs, thanks!” or “just don’t have a craving for sweets ever.” people who, you know, at the core of their existence would actually like to sit on their coach all day and cuddle up to a large piece of warm bread.

sometimes i wonder if people feel this about me when i tell them that vegetables are one of my favorite foods (…right behind warm bread). i genuinely, genuinely at the core of my existence love vegetables in all of their capacities: warm, buttered, salted, raw, drenched in ranch, sautéed, fried, juiced…i love them all!

i’ve been trying to get jeff to appreciate them as much as i do but a compromise is usually made. last night, for instance, i was terribly hungry around eleven. i wanted something warm and filling and…vegetable-y. i had an acorn squash on hand and began looking up simple recipes. i was envisioning some coarse salt, a slap of butter, and an hour in the over. jeff, however, wanted something sugary and buttery and fried, maybe? thus, we compromised (we are so ready for marriage! ha!); i give to you: baked acorn squash…jeff-style.

preheat oven to 400 degrees. half acorn squash and scoop out seeds. place each half in a baking pan with a little bit of water on the bottom (so the skin doesn’t burn). coat the front of the squash with butter and leave some in the cavern. sprinkle on some brown sugar (or in jeff’s case, make a snowball of brown sugar and leave it in the cavern)(…his was way more delicious…) and drizzle maple syrup on the top. bake in over for 60-75 minutes or until the squash is soft and the tops are browned. spoon any buttery substance on top of the squash, let cool for a few minutes, and serve!

delicious. delectable. perfectly sweet. best late-night-snack ever, to date.

here are other easy and delicious veggie-dishes i’ve been making:

  1. baked kale chips.
  2. baked onion rings (with avocado garlic aioli).
  3. spicy collard greens with rice.
  4. rainbow chard and red potato hash.
  5. (d.i.y) sundried tomatoes.

we’re off!

…to (hopefully) sunny southern california! we are going for jeff’s best friend’s wedding, to see his family, and to finalize some of our own wedding details (three words: funnel cake tasting…!). although we have a long drive ahead of us, i am looking forward to it! i have my well thought-out road trip snacks to munch on (pictured above) and the new norah jones’ album downloaded…plus a pretty good-looking driver, too ;). happy thursday!

bruges waffles and frites.

something that i noticed about jeff early on (and loved!) was that he shared my love of adventures and food and adventures for  food. we love to look up ‘cheap eats’ around utah county and try them out (rules: both meals must be roughly under 15 dollars, drink must be shared, bread basket encouraged). on thursday we finally, finally tried out bruges waffles and frites in salt lake city and it did not disappoint! (we actually had to make the trip to pick up a chinese kung fu man suit…? ha. jeff is in his friend’s movie and is an emperor!)(i was cast in it too! as the floozy party girl who hits on the emperor, makes out with him, and then leaves…and, action!)y1of1-3-2jeff ordered the waffle monster, a leige waffle stuffed with delicious speculoos spread (umm, hi! cookie in a bottle!), vanilla bean ice cream, and fresh blueberries…he almost shared. i ordered the frites with andalouse sauce (it’s like fancy mayo) and was in starchy-goodness heaven.

we ended the day watching some adult-league kickball in the park (on accident) and developing major crushes on the flamboyant pitcher…he was just so cute!

…and that was our thursday :)

fridate (or where i get de-feminized).

today when jeff picked me up for our little fridate and told me that we’d be cooking, my heart stopped. “crap! my lack of domestic goodness will be exploited!” …i said out loud. or rather in my head. quietly. but seriously. i am kind of a domestic flop. ask me about the time i microwaved toaster strudel? or mixed up salt for sugar? or burnt an entire batch of brownies? ugh.

when we got back to his place and started in the kitchen, it was quite apparent that i was useless. i didn’t know canola oil from vegetable oil, initially used the wrong end of the knife to cut carrots (ow! my palm!), and couldn’t decide what temperature to put the water at to bring it to a boil.

also my hips must have grown 4,563 inches over night? i kept bumping into everything and everyone? birthing hips, ready for action?

eventually jeff caught on and kicked me out of the kitchen entirely. it was sort of, really de-femininzing…but i have huge hips so it basically equals out, essentially?

he ended up whipping up some delicious japanese (yes, japanese; he likes to use any opportunity to showcase his knowledge of the japanese culture…even if it risks sounding pretentious: it’s pronounced kar-e-o-KAY, not karao-key…) chicken curry and rice and started talking about how he has a new sparked interest in sewing? …i think his hips have grown, too.

we ended the night at the dollar theater ($2 for tickets and $10.50 for treats?!) watching ‘chronicle’ where i kept gasping and ‘OH MY GOSH!’-ing because it was so thrilling…and also because i kept rubbing arms and side-glancing  the guy sitting right next to me…i just felt like he needed it, or something.

p.s. am i the only one getting all crazy-fan over the prospect of taylor swift and zac efron together? did you see their interview on ellen together? i mean, come on! america’s favorite couple. right? also when did he get attractive? also who is buying their tickets 345 days early for the lucky one? …with jeff’s recent hip-growth i don’t think i’ll have to put up much of a fight to convince him to go…


…are the best kinds of dates. (and yes, that cinnamon roll is as big as my head…and i have a very big head!)

p.s. suggest! suggest! SUGGEST wallaby’s smokehouse bbq in lindon–it was so good and so cheap and the portion sizes were perfect (…also HELLO freshly cooked roll with cinnamon butter!). plus, the adorable owner walks around in his safari-type get-up and heckles the customers…and there’s a magic show on mondays! what?!  also order the cinnamon roll…just do it. (faturday = pushed to friday…indefinitely)

p.p.s. katniss loves gale. she just does.

blue plate diner//guy fieri.

i am a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things celebrity. i COULD NOT tell you what is going on in physical science class at present but i could tell you all about the state of justin and selena’s love life and how jessica simpson can’t wear heels anymore (pregnant jessica is the best jessica!) and how bobby brown got yet another DUI (give him a break, he misses his whitney girl!).

that said, i often times find myself pretending that i am friends with celebrities. my main circle includes gwyneth paltrow, emma stone (BE MY BEST FRIEND?!), and tina fey. we call ourselves the BESTROGEN friends! we talk about girly stuff and giggle-snort and talk about ryan gossling ad naseam and even have a pair of traveling pants! it’s fun and stuff…

…where was i going with this again?

oh yes! guy fieri! and blue plate diner!

guy fieri from diners, drive-ins, and dives is another celebrity friend i wish i had. i adore him and his spiky bleached hair and obscenely tacky button-up shirts. he is just so sweet! that said, i felt like i could trust his opinion on dinner tonight and tried out the blue plate diner in salt lake. it was yum! i think it was yum mostly because guy fieri said it was yum, you know? but also it was yum because the turkey on my sandwich tasted SO FRESH and they had an old jukebox machine and decorated with postcards and they serve breakfast all day long (my favorite) and there was a lady sitting kiddie-corner to us that had the coolest chest tattoo ever that made me wonder things like…well, never mind.

…and to my dismay, no blue plates!

…also it rained (a little) today. WHY PROVO?


…i cracked.

remember how i talked about eating healthier? pfffffft (the flavor of the month was mint oreo! MINT OREO, people!).

i justified my craving by explaining that i had a sore throat and had walked up a lot of stairs that day and it was that time of the month and…

MINT OREO (it’s only the flavor of the month for FOUR more days, i had to act quickly!)