field trip!

with an oversized dairy product and free wireless internet in hand, jeff stapleton transforms into the great adventurer of utah valley. today (while downing a cookies and cream chick fil’ a milkshake)(why don’t boys gain weight?!) he decided to take me on a field trip to see the famous spiral jetty (read: JETTY; not yetty…entirely different thing) sculpture near rozel point with my own two eyes. he kept it a surprise the entire time and tried to mask his disappointment when we got there two hours later… and the spiral was completely submerged under water (…or so we thought). oops. nonetheless, we had a great little field trip day and made two (TWO!) fast food stops for field trip food.

also we almost ran out of gas and had a twenty-minute silent ‘oh my gosh! we are going to die out here’ car ride on empty to a gas station and we KILLED A RABBIT and i peed on my shoes. but that’s besides the point. focus on the positive, no?
…also we realized that we were never actually at the spiral jetty. or yetty, for that matter. nope. we were 100 yards away. but at least we had fun!

he’s sort of, really fun.

p.s. he insists on getting credit for his new-found photography skills! to jeff: credit given.

…we’re doing engagements?

i’m really, REALLY bad about reading emails. i usually just read the first couple words and formulate a response based upon that…or just delete the email all together. usually this is quite effective for me but sometimes it gets me wrapped into shooting engagement photos?

the story: a reader of the blog, HI KRISTA!, emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if she could use my photography help. well, she actually asked me if i would shoot her engagement photos but from the first couple words i gathered that i was going to help her with her camera? or something? i obviously said yes (SHE READS MY BLOG!) and agreed to meet her saturday by the whale mural in provo.

i sat outside the hookah lounge (yes, provo has one) trying to figure out what advice i could give her about her camera being quite the noob myself. a few minutes later i see her (or what i hoped was her–we’d never actually met before) and her cute fiancĂ© walking across the street with a large bag of props.

“so we have scrabble pieces and chalk and confetti and superhero shirts and we are so excited!” she said to me.

“…ME TOO! oh my goodness. i am so excited!” …i had no idea what was going on. i just started asking them questions and five minutes later realized that i was shooting their engagement photos! haha. i reread the email after and saw that she had clearly stated and asked if i would be willing to. oops! it all turned out so great though and was so much fun–they’re the cutest little couple; their first date was to a convention teaching you how to draw DRAGONS and they both love comic books…and they laughed at all my jokes and weren’t awkward when i talked about their future children.

we ended the day eating cheap (…and kind of gross) mexican food on center street and chatting about how funny provo can be at times. what a happy accident! :)

night hiking.

one thing i super-like about jeff is how he’s always up for adventure! big or small! (except he won’t do some things…like let me spin him around, swing-dancing style? why?!) his response to ‘can we wander around costco and eat every. single. sample?’and ‘can we go sky-dive with no parachutes?’ is the same: YES!

last night at precisely 9:55 he texted me while i was at work (…did you see how i did that there? dropped the work-bomb? working student…you’re impressed, no?) and said “let’s do something active tonight!” to which i said “night hike?” to which he said “YES!”

note to you: night hiking is super fun at midnight o’ clock but is not-so-super fun at seven a.m. the next morning. so tired! also, for the record, we are not ghosts. ha. i was just playing around with a really long exposure…or maybe not? (so tired! so not funny! forgive me?)

family in town!

my family came into town this past week for their spring break. in other words, they came into town to meet (and SERIOUSLY approve!) of jeff. ha. we spent most of the week eating and planning the wedding (THE WEDDING!)(BECAUSE I’M GETTING MARRIED!)(is this real life?!). it’s funny how i had pinned so many things about my fake wedding in my head but now that there’s actually a boy and a ring and a date (august 3rd, baby!) i can’t even come up with any ideas! thankfully jeff has a few of his own…oh heavens, help that boy. a few days ago he suggested that we have a sand volleyball and rockband tournament at our reception. ha. and he is insisting on having funnel cakes, fountain drinks, and a ranch fountain? hmmm?

anyways, these are pictures from one day we spent playing at the park with my cousin jennie and her precious daughters and then at a milagros’ mexican restaurant (suggest! suggest! suggest!) where jeff was thoroughly grilled by her. ha! i love how cute and protective my family is and how jeff just takes the grilling like a champ (“when did you know you were in love with brooke?” “when it was her turn to pick the song and she turned on ‘let’s get it on’ by marvin gaye!”)

p.s. sorry for being such a bad blogger! i am going to be better! a few nights ago i told jeff that i had to go home because i HAD TO BLOG! (which i didn’t actually do; confession: it’s harder to blog when great things are actually happening! ha!) my brain has been everywhere! in the words of my dad, he knew that he should be worried when i wasn’t blogging 3 times a day.

morgan r., captain hottness.

for my photography assignment, i had to shoot complementary colors. or something? anyways, i shot morgan’s face! with my camera! isn’t she pretty? (…also sorry morgan…remember how i said no one would ever see these? ergh…yeah…)hiiiiiii miss perfect thing of america. also, i will have you know that this little shoot-the-face took approximately seven minutes…the lady can’t take a bad picture (well…actually…but just kidding). well, ten because i couldn’t hold the camera still (a man in a prius kept driving by and morgan was making me laugh! perhaps it was because we were squatting beside a sketchy dumpster?).

and scene! (also did i mention she is single and can bake you up something real nice?)

spaghetti factory.

there are two things you should know about my family:

1. we are creatures of habit. if we like something, we love it and we will love it until we can’t love it anymore. it’s kind of a ‘why fix what’s not broken?’ type of attitude–if something is working for you, why change it? right? for example, my dad eats wheaties for breakfast every. single. morning and every christmas we eat the exact same meal every year down to the pineapple punch.

2. we are crazy, stupid lingerers (well, the girls are). give us a target and a free refill and we will aimlessly wander for eternities. we linger in cars, we linger in malls, we linger in restaurants.

thus: the spaghetti factory was born.

every time my grandma is in town, we go to the spaghetti factory. it’s not that anyone in my family loves the spaghetti factory all that much but…it works! and why fix what’s not broken, right? everyone orders their same dish (manager’s special with half mizithra and half meat sauce and yes to the spimoni at the end, please!) and we sit down in the stupidly large table and we shout at one another because no one can hear and…it’s tradition!

last night we went and lingered…and lingered…and lingered…(and the cutest picture of the night in which true love is captured…)…and that’s my family.