showered (last one!)

as aforementioned, i was thoroughly showered this weekend (i promise this is the last one!)(maybe?)(want to shower me more?)(i’m becoming less awkward…though i still feel the need to entertain the guests while simultaneously opening gifts–a skill that is harder than you’d think!). the most recent contrast was a stark contrast to the shower thrown on saturday–mostly because all the guests were under the age of 21 and no one really knew what they were doing; we were bridal shower newbies. and although we were first-timers and our young age was all-too-evident, we did one thing right: the food and decor. so yummy and so cute! i found myself saying that everything was ‘pinterest-worthy.’ a big, huge thanks to taylor and nikki for throwing together this day of cuteness!(and a bigger thanks to kylie for the provocative buttercream flavored gift that rhymes with ‘ripple ribbler’ –ha! such a beautiful sequence of events captured here…double chin and all!)

showered (again!)

my neighbor and long-time family friend rachel threw me a bridal shower along with my grandma and great-aunt (…who may be the classiest person i know; british accent and all!). it was held on my great aunts property and there were beautiful flowers, delicious food, and a slew of (refreshingly appropriate) gifts to aid me on my journey to domestication. oh, and there were strippers. lots of strippers
mckenzie approves of the strippers, apparently?

p.s. thanks to everyone who came and showered me!

happy mother’s day!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” //Washington Irving happy mother’s day to all mama’s out there, especially my own! i am so thankful for the profound influence that she continues to have on my life. she is such an example to me and makes motherhood look like the best job in the universe. she truly is the poster-child for selflessness (in the words of robert brault: “[she is] most likely to write an autobiography, and never mention herself…”), love, and kindness (but the perfect amount; she can still tell some killer jokes and tease you to a near-death).

…and she gave the ‘curvy’ gene, so…

a million thanks, mom! you’re the literal best.

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perfect timing (a bridal shower!).

you know how sometimes things are perfectly timed? like, almost eerily so?

like how rihanna came out with the liberating “oh no you didn’t!” jam ‘take a bow’ TWO DAYS after my ninth-grade-loverboy decided to take the road more…”frequently traveled”(metaphorically speaking, robert!). eery, no? or how the weather always seems to get chilly right when my food-baby makes its permanent stay (thank YOU, layering!).

OR how my bridal shower fell on the exact week that i decided to give up on doing laundry (yes, i have taken to wearing the scandalous panty sets i received under my finals-week uniform of sweats and a sweatshirt…it’s like my little fancy secret!)(…also i’m kind of out of food andmoney at the moment…the jar of edible body icing is beginning to look awfully appetizing…).

a big ol’ thanks to my cousin jennie for throwing the whole thing (and for answering all of our personal questions about…that…)(…hi kaleb…?) and to katie for letting us use her beautiful home. and to everyone who came for putting up with my struggles in being sexy (“it’s pretty! it’s just so…sheer?!”) and showering me with gifts and love and advice.

to my avery child.

i’m sitting on the bed of our dorm right now gazing longingly (oh hey, hey!) at your empty side of the room. all of your decorations are down, your bed is folded up, and your clothes are packed away. tomorrow you are moving out to go back to sunny california and then to backpack your spring away in europe, you crazy monkey!

you have seriously been the best roommate in the whole wide world. like, too good. like, we-had-no-social-life-for-the-first-few-months-because-we-only-spent-time-together type of good.

thank you for putting up with my large messes  and odd sleeping habits and for always being there to give me a supportive ‘YOLO!’ when i confess that i got a 14% on my test or that i consumed 4,653 calories of soft serve in one sitting.

thank you for letting me borrow your rain boots and sweatshirts day-in and day-out and for throwing me the raddest surprise birthday party in all of the land.

thank you for introducing me to jeff and for helping him pick out my ring and for always being a breath of fresh air (well, not always; T.M.I: 1121 has a serious gas problem…) with your enthusiasm.

thank you for hosting me at your house (HI MIYAHARA FAMILY!) this summer and for sharing your hometown with me and for balancing out my idaho-ness with your california swagger. ha.

thank you for never saying the term ‘california swagger,’ too.

in summation: thank you for being my confidant, my self-esteem booster, my closet-sharer, my cleaning-check-doer, my california sunshine (borderline creepy…), my token (half!) asian friend, my partner-in-crime, my matchmaker, my roommate, and most of all my best friend.

baby girl, you the bestest. (lezzzz be friends?)

p.s. i don’t think this creepy and public ‘thank you’ note will help us to dispel the rumors of our true but often-overbearing love for each other…but, you know…thanks for understanding.

p.p.s. donkey kick, fumey numey, and all the rest of the inside jokes we shared (…i love inside jokes almost as much as i love nicknames and i will use any opportunity to prove that i actually have them with people…)

i’m so glad you were born.

it seems i have somehow turned this weekend into a makeshift ‘brooke’s big birthday and friend fawning’ session?

earlier last week, i mentioned how a postcard from my dear friend murny constituted for the best day ever. little did i know (ugh, story of my finals…)! little did i know, that i was going to keep having the best days ever.

for in my mailbox awaited……lots and lots and lots more postcards from some of my favorite people!

the notes made me laugh, cry (almost!), and cringe from the raw sentimentality. each one was so special and reminded me of the friendship that i had with each person (okay…stop…finals are making me sappy).

i am so glad that all of them were born. cyber hug!

and i’m so glad that i was born too…because this life has a lot of best days ever and that’s pretty rad.

birthday part two.

the rest of the my birthday just served as an affirmation that i have some of the best and most sweetest friends in the whole world of wide (accidental fat joke). i feel like i am a portly man dating a superstar supermodel; i have no idea what i have done to deserve these friends but i am so, so grateful for them.

as i was getting ready for the night, lily, rach, and avery walked in and sang me happy birthday and presented me with the sweetest gift ever: 19 things that i love for my 19th birthday. the gift included sweet nothings like chocolate covered almonds, a gift card to mcdonald’s, cosmopolitan, nail polish, and a picture book entitled ‘hot guys and baby animals.’ they know me all too well.

after i had opened the gift and gushed over everything, we picked up ally and syd and headed over to spark–a hilariously ironic and suave non-alcoholic lounge. there we ordered drinks and split food and soaked in how suave and grown up we were (“i feel like i’m TWENTY right now!”).when the last of the drinks had been slurped, we ran down the stairs and shoved our checks at the waiter. i was really curious as to why we were in such a hurry but thought that maybe everyone was on the same cycle? or really sick of me? or the hour my mom had paid for them to be my friends was up? something to that extent.

we then piled into lily’s car, blasted christmas music, and sped off to ‘the chocolate’ where a surprise was awaiting.

when we arrived, i thought things were a little bit weird. sydney and ally were nowhere to be found, the man behind the counter was sheepishly smiling at me, and lily, rach, and aves refused to walk up the stairs first. ummm…okay?

as i walked up the stairs, the first people i saw were my brother and his wife and my friend and her boyfriend…was this some weird group date that i was barging in on? i awkwardly smiled at them only to be met with a loud ‘SURPRISEEEEE!’ coming from the next room.a surprise party.

for me!

the next hour was filled with hugs (and i’m not a hugger), excitement, and complete awareness that i had apparently peed my pants during the car ride over? thanks so much to everyone that helped make my birthday so great (or: thank mom, for paying my friends so well). i love you all more than you will ever know…ever, because i’m not the affectionate type.

so far, 19 is pretty kick-a.