let’s talk trash: the bachelor.

do you watch the bachelor? please tell me you watch the bachelor?

please tell me you about cringed from awkwardness when rachel cood at ben “i like how you’ve got that little wink” and then ben replied “…i’m just squinting.”

and please tell me you died a bit over ben and his hair. i want that center part to burst into flames! right now!

and please tell me that you at least giggle snorted a little when the red-headed jennifer said that she thought the rain was “soooo sexy” …what?  stop it, ginger face!

and also that you got a little nervous when utah monica (and her large boobs) pounced on the opportunity to be emily’s protector (her lesbian-like tendencies from episode one are back, people!)(bless her, though!).

but most of all, please tell me that you thought that courtney the model was crazy sauce last night. or, tell me that you always had thought she was crazy sauce but now it is confirmed. and tell me that you think she is suffering from a fatty case of mild retardation too? (too far?)

“winning, emily. winning.”

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