cha-cha-changes…I MOVED!

when i was in elementary school, i really, REALLY wanted to be the new kid. i don’t know why, i just did. i thought it would be fun! ¬†new school, new friends, new look — not that i didn’t love my own, i just wanted something different.

so now i am the new kid over on blogger. i was in the need of change — i always get this way at the start of the school year! most of the time i just chop my hair off — and decided to start all over. except for the fact that i moved all my archives over there too but…that’s besides the point ;).

anyways, go take a look :). the url is: — it’s called ‘simply us.’ it’s only sort of lame, i know.

likes + don’ts.

this is a picture from our honeymoon. jeff thought i looked like the quintessential¬†modbod shopper with my t-shirt under the long dress combo. you’re welcome. consider me your beacon to modest dressing! (do i smell a sponsorship? c’mon, people!)

:: i am on one of my short-lived exercise kicks. like, a super kick. i’ve been trying to wake up early and run and pick things up off the ground and everything! but being so sore that i literally fall down on the toilet? i could probably live without that (waaaaait…when does the soreness go away, again?)

:: the support and love we got on our wedding day was truly amazing. like, so many congratulations and bed bath & beyond gift cards that my head could spin…but my perpetual hand cramp from writing all those thank you’s? yowza! i have a problem in which i want to write a novel to each person, describing the very moment we met and the reaction when i opened the gift and how much i just love it and what i ate that day and…you get the point. i’m just overly thankful or something? (p.s. to whomever gave me the dish towels: thank you, anonymous gifter!)

:: i love the start of the school-year (the sudden drive to try super hard and buy planners and put on real-people-clothes), but i don’t like that it is so blazing hot here (and deceptively so! the mornings always disguise themselves as ‘jacket-weather’ then BAM! you feel silly in your cardigan!). swoob/swass/swustache…they are all happening. on the daily. so that’s fun.

:: getting married is the best thing i have ever done, and i really do love my last name (i feel distinguished!) but guys! getting married is hard work! not just the before, but the after too. mostly i am referring to the social security office…i have found my h-e-double-chicken-legs on earth! i previously thought it was cafe rio on a busy day but no. this beats it out ten times over.¬† longest. line. ever.

:: the smell of cookies could honestly just kill me dead. i’m not really a cookie person but the aroma reminds me of my home and my mom and other such things. but the whole baking thing? what is therapeutic about it?! no seriously, what?!

:: i like when my jeffrey brings me home a delicious cubby’s salad for dinner butttt…no wait. no buts. all love.

p.s. thanks maggie for the idea!

labor day.

guess what’s a kind of fun game that we were forced into? having no money. no, seriously…no money.

when we got married, we joined our financial forces (…my bank statement was -33 cents…oops…!) and opened up a new bank account. we ordered fancy new cards and set up secret passwords and signed a bunch of papers…and then two weeks later, we found out that our cards were sent to a random person who 1. guess our passwords and 2. spent $600 on philly cheese steaks and other some such things. long story short(er), our bank account is now frozen and under investigation…great password, no?

so for labor day, we were in search of something free. and mildly entertaining. but mostly free.

after much internet-surfing, we decided on oktoberfest at snowbird; a festival centered almost entirely on sauerkraut and bratwursts…my type of party!

two hours and some serious wrong-turns later, we weren’t at oktboerfest. or even snowbird. but we were in pretty brighton, utah and brighton, utah has public restrooms so brighton, utah it was! we determined there are about three things to do in brighton, utah for free (brighton, utah is a firsty-lasty, don’t you think? kind of like joss stone or jay zee). using the restroom is one of the three.

so romantic drive through the canyon it was! and oh! was it romantic! we were hand-in-hand, reminiscing about our shotgun courtship and old arrested development episodes…

and then a wasp flew in through the window and landed in my cleavage and stung me repeatedly.

the end.

p.s. happy one month to jeff and i! what a feat, no? we had a waffle feast this morning to celebrate! …and also to eat seeing as we really only have bisquick left in our pantry. fingers crossed our account unfreezes!

p.p.s. is jeff’s new haircut kind of hilter youthy? morgan told him so and i am kind of on the fence. except for i am more on hitler-youthy side.

p.p.p.s. happy labor day!