things i’m peeing my pants over…

first off, do you like my new hat? please tell me you like it. i got it today mostly, completely because of cute natalie and took it for a little test drive. a few questions, fellow hat-wearers, do you take them off in restaurants? how about department stores? what about when you’re sitting all by yourself watching reruns of toddlers in tiaras eating spoonful after spoonful of peanut butter? oh, bother.


today i packed my entire life into three suitcases for five weeks worth of adventures. if you know me, you’d know that packing is one of the few things that can bring me to tears (along with sappy country songs, pixar movies, and my favorite shows getting cancelled). i am a terrible packer–on one trip i packed over eight swimsuits but only one shirt. yikes.

but this time i was happily packing! i am so excited for the next five weeks–lake trips, a family reunion, a new last name, and a cruise to the carribean are in store. are you peeing your pants yet? i am. speaking of, today at walmart i told the cashier that their bathrooms were so well hidden that i almost drained my main vein (not applicable for girls, i KNOW) right in the middle of electronics. she responded by telling me that she was suffering a strong case of sweaty-butt-syndrome and her underwear was sticking to her bum…i think i found my best friend today! just like me, she was literally incapable of making socially-acceptable small talk.

anyways, i will probably be a bit absent on the blog the next couple weeks. like, not completely but kind of. but! i will be posting over here next week about my style and other such silly things (please don’t laugh at my model attempts!)(…you promised!) …also i’m being nonchalant about this but i am stupidly excited! like, fifteen exclamation points excited!

happy saturday!

p.s. i’m a writer for craigslist now, don’t you know? if you are interested in a coffe-table or desk, look here and here.

june, where’d you go?!

the final two weeks of june were spent moving into and decorating the place that jeff and i will share come august. my mother came down with a truck-load of supplies and a car-load of kids to help me out (read: do it all while i floated around seven peaks’ lazy river and made ikea runs)(ikea’s soft serve vs. chic fil a’s? i just can’t decide!)(read: my mom is the literal best).

i loved having my family in town. it was so fun to show off provo to them. my favorite outings were to the movie brave (holy best. movie. ever. exclamation point. i recommend it as a mommy-daughter bonding date;  is there anything better than a date with your mom? i submit not.) and to provo’s comedy sportz (there’s something so tasty about soda that’s been snuck in, right?).

and! and we fused together the stapleton and (3/8ths of the) mosman clan. it was magical and chili’s tortilla chips were involved. i was sort-of actually nervous for the ordeal…mostly nervous for myself. when i’m trying to fuse together two groups of people i tend to get seriously awkward and try to force friendships; “susan likes rice and you ordered a rice bowl today and susan likes..breathing and so do you so…ha! friends? let’s take a picture together!” …luckily i didn’t have to build any bridges and everyone got along swimmingly.

bye, bye june!


…so married-student wards are weird (and so are married students. ha! self deprecation!) at least ours’ was. there was no before-class gossiping or after-class lingering or even during-class note passing! it’s like these people are adults or something! thus, i decided to start shopping around for a new ward (…or go test our other option). you guys, there were SIX babies blessed that day. SIX! and all of them were trendily-named, it was like a competition! (that i will gladly participate in when it’s the appropriate time; it’s inevitable that my kids are going to get beat up on the playground if someone doesn’t intervene with my name options…)anyways, we were still exhausted on monday from listening to all of those cutesy names and were in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. the local park seemed fitting! aren’t we trendy! …is park-going trendy? probably not, but seeking out concerts is! and that’s what we did. we sat down and listened to the music for awhile until we realized that we were in the midst of a park-church of sorts…and then we got up and started swaying with them! the people there were all so nice and the guy conducting had a voice like rafiki :) (…even while he was condoning polygamy?)(no, seriously. but he did bring up some valid points…just kidding!).we ended the night at cubby’s, a new restaurant in town right next to little ceasar’s. recommend, recommend, recommend! i ordered the beet and goat cheese salad because i have a mad-crush on beets…and goat cheese (WIN!) and jeff got the philly sandwich. my salad was one of the better salads that i’ve gotten at a restaurant (it was actually seasoned!) and the generous bite i had of jeff’s sandwich was tasty. plus i am obsessed with the interior of the place.

also i’ve watched all three seasons of arrested development this week, are you judging me? (i have a post of my favorite AD quotes sitting in my draft box–it’s a bit out-of-hand!)

happy fourth of july! or fifth, rather.

76% of the time when jeff and i go out into the public world (a rarity!), we don’t talk. we just listen. romantic, no? …not actually. we listen to other people and their conversations, couple’s preferably. the fourth was an optimum time for this! at the parade on university avenue (provo seriously loves america…it’s like a week-long festival of america and hot dogs and glorified lemonade stands!), we saw couple’s cuddling and snuggling and telling each other about their “crazy bet with [their] brothers about how they have to be married by next august! isn’t that cool?” (his date shied away). then we went swimming and sat poolside as two boys wrestled each other. what? why? they started chatting up the ladies on the perimeter about their high school wrestling careers which then segued (surprisingly naturally!) into a debate about child-rearing.

finally, the fireworks. you guys! their was this adorable pug right beside of me and one of us, i’m not telling who, was so scared during the finally that defecation happened…poor little pug-guy. i thought that the world was about to end! those babies were loud! but even more interesting and frightening than the fireworks was the co-ed group of friends(question mark?) sitting beside us. they were extremely passive in their desperation for an eternal companion. like, almost so much that it was blatantly obvious…they kept suggesting games like ‘twister’ and ‘sushi tag’ (have you ever heard of sushi tag?! from the likes of it, it seems to be a game where it’s socially acceptable to grope one another! no, seriously!)(…truth: i’m not above it. they just didn’t let us play, sad face!).

and thus, the fourth. happy birthday america!

p.s. i got that swimsuit up there for FIVE DOLLARS! FIVE! high-FIVE to me?

p.p.s. before the fireworks show, we went through two separate drive-throughs for dinner…so american, right?!