on brothers; younger ones, specifically.

on my LNW (late-night-walk) with avery, we talked about how we so badly crave the attention and approval of people who don’t really want to give it to us– people who think we are lame, weird, or obnoxiously good-looking (what? me?). over the past few years, my younger brother chad has fallen into that category of ‘people who think brooke is lame’ — it was such a subtle, slow-moving process! he began to laugh at my jokes less, dodge my ultimate-high-fives, and shy away from my compliments (YOU GUYS! he accused me of ‘hitting on him’ last time i visited– i can think my brother is cute, right?). WHAT HAPPENED? i thought i was automatically ‘cool’ because i was his elder–isn’t that how it works?

but i still seek after his danged approval! and how! 

while jeff and i were home earlier this month, chad celebrated his birthday with a SURPRISE! slip-n-slide birthday party and a family dinner. we decided to anti-roast him at dinner and tell seventeen reasons why he was rad (truth: i never say ‘rad’ in person, is that weird?). mostly it was about how he is the funniest, outgoing-est, party-starting-est member of the family. because he is, duh. you just want to be apart of his club, you know? 

anyways, happy belated birthday chadwick! sorry for hitting on you and holding your hand for far too many years, i am sure that was scarring. i will continue to try to buy your love forever. as long as it can be bought with a bed bath & beyond gift card.