you know that life-altering (LIFE! ALTERING!) moment when you hear your own voice on a recording? and you think to yourself THAT CAN’T BE ME! MY VOICE IS NOT THAT HIGH! SINCE WHEN?! (can anyone relate? please say yes…?)
i experienced those exact (well, not EXACT) same feelings today when i looked through my memory card and saw these pictures that paige had snapped of me and jeff at slab pizza (SUGGEST! SUGGEST!) when they were in town. what am i doing with my face? since when am i so animated? where did i come from?! (and, slightly related, WHY did i get my bangs cut at a hair school?!)

cringing, cringing, laughing, cringing. why? why?!

after-thoughts: did this post have a slight (or very strong!) undertone of narcissism? i’m aware. also maybe i’m digging for some compliments here: “brooke, you look great being animated!” “you guys are so cute!”  “you are unseasonably tan! it must be natural! not fake! totally not obvious!” it’s whatever…

happy president’s day!

boy after my own heart……waiting so patiently in line for more-than-mediocre samples at costco (no really, he stood there for five minutes).

today was good. like eating combo pizza and watching warrior and playing with the new iphone (siri! you’re so cool!) and coming home to a case full of diet cokes from the best roommate in the land type good. actually this weekend was good. like staying in a cozy cabin and eating huge pancakes for breakfast and catching up on all my tv shows and taking four-hour naps and seriously liking my new not-glorious and slightly embarrassing but seriously lax second job type good.

…i’m clearly easily entertained.

happy (post-)president’s day to you!