my parents are cute.

my dad told my mom the other day that if she loved him, she would by him wheaties. she replied…“i hope you brought your bowl and spoon.”

i love that my parents’ love for each other is so obvious and deep (two l-words in one sentence, oh hey!). it’s just so precious to be around them (…sometimes)!

happy birthday kenzie girl!

you guys, mckenzie claire is TEN today! she is in the double digits!when i was home, i could feel her getting older. perhaps it was because she no longer laughed at all my stupid jokes or perhaps it was because she put me in my place a few couple hundred times (in one instance, i had promised to have a sleepover but was dreading the thought of sharing her small twin bed so i asked if we had to share a bed. her reply: “you can either share the bed with me or you can sleep on the floor. i am going to enjoy the bed either way.” oh…okay…and into the bed we squeezed!)

and now she’s ten. now everybody sing-say it in unison: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKENZIE!love you like crazy! you are my most favorite ten-year old with a first name starting with ‘m’ and ending with ‘e’ out there (…the competition for most favorite ten-year old is tough this year…)

“oh, darling, don’t you ever grow up,
just stay this little.
oh, darling, don’t you ever grow up,
it could stay this simple.”


there are a few dates (because i date so much?) that i simply can not stand: ice skating (it hurts my ankles and why would i pay to go around in a circle?), gory movies (sans large soda and buttery popcorn), and bowling.

my hatred for bowing is three-fold. 1. being up to bowl reminds me of being up to bat which reminds me of how badly i stunk at softball (i was the worst!); 2. i never know what to do after i’m done and always make eye contact with the table of people too early, you know? and then i have to maintain it or do a little face or try to be cutesy and make that long walk back; 3. the shoes. i just don’t like ’em. that said! that said i think i like bowling now? i’ve turned a new leaf or something? yesterday afternoon my family and i made our way to the bottom of the wilkinson center and bought two games and shoes a la student discount! my grandma is a renowned bowler and gave us some pointers (“aim at the second dash from the right…”; “keep your arm and thumb straight at the target…”; “stop trying to do a cute face! you’re not on stage!”). my mom made strike after strike after strike and was equally as excited every time. (note how excited they were for her? ha. the constant strikes were getting old!)
a new leaf, people!

spaghetti factory.

there are two things you should know about my family:

1. we are creatures of habit. if we like something, we love it and we will love it until we can’t love it anymore. it’s kind of a ‘why fix what’s not broken?’ type of attitude–if something is working for you, why change it? right? for example, my dad eats wheaties for breakfast every. single. morning and every christmas we eat the exact same meal every year down to the pineapple punch.

2. we are crazy, stupid lingerers (well, the girls are). give us a target and a free refill and we will aimlessly wander for eternities. we linger in cars, we linger in malls, we linger in restaurants.

thus: the spaghetti factory was born.

every time my grandma is in town, we go to the spaghetti factory. it’s not that anyone in my family loves the spaghetti factory all that much but…it works! and why fix what’s not broken, right? everyone orders their same dish (manager’s special with half mizithra and half meat sauce and yes to the spimoni at the end, please!) and we sit down in the stupidly large table and we shout at one another because no one can hear and…it’s tradition!

last night we went and lingered…and lingered…and lingered…(and the cutest picture of the night in which true love is captured…)…and that’s my family.

wakey, wakey!

it’s six in the morning and i am wide, wide, WIDE awake. i used to like to convey my wide-awakeness by saying that “I AM SO AWAKE I COULD RUN A MARATHON!”…which really makes no sense seeing as i couldn’t run a marathon no matter the time of morning…but if i could run a marathon, i am so wide awake that i could…you know?

i don’t actually know what woke me up. perhaps i was still hyped up from the six refills the waiter gave me at p.f. chang’s last night (was he trying to kill me?!), or perhaps from my hunger pains (why after you eat chinese food do you get hungry?), or perhaps i was awoken by my realization that i am so behind on my television shows and have limited time to catch up?

but maybe, actually i was awoken by my excitement for the day and week ahead. everything seems to be right in the world right now (…i know, i KNOW! i said this only a few posts ago!): my mom and grandma are in town for the weekend (YES!), i love my classes and am genuinely interested in what i am learning, we had an intramural soccer team meeting last night (…that was formal dress…) and my team is killer (and called ‘green machine’–do i bring up the other meanings of that phrase?), aaaaand my zumba instructor told our class that we were beautiful and vibrant souls…thank you zumba instructor.

…but maybe, actually i probably just woke from hunger pains? because that makes more sense? but we will just pretend that i awoke from excitement and happiness and sugar plum fairies because that’s a lot more sentimental and heartwarming.

now my mother dear and geemama just need to WAKE IT UP so we can start this day.


hats off to you, 2011.

2011: ready, go!

in january, i witnessed the most insane flood that moscow has ever experienced (at least i’m ALMOST sure), discovered my love for high buns and bright lipstick, made lots of resolutions that i’m nearly positive i broke within a week, and got a new phone that unleashed the narcissist hidden inside of february, i received my acceptance letter to byu and was too tired to muster up any excitement, watched jesse jackson give a speech but really listened to the juicy gossip being told in front of me, went to sky-high for the first time ever, and sat on the student side for the last time ever watching high school basketball.

in march, i road-tripped to utah with my family and jason and paraded all around provotown, welcomed my cousin dan home from his mission, won a bingo game with mckenzie, visited my kylie-friend in san diego (and was happily stuck there for five more days due to backed up planes) and went into a food-coma every single day, and played in my last club soccer game…ever!in april, i made the adult-decision to attend summer term at byu, listened to general conference and learned about the simple expressions of love, wore heels to school for the first time ever, went to the renaissance fair with my family, and watched a lot of high school baseball.

in may, i went to my last high school prom with my friend logan and left the night with a crown, sash, and realization that that high school was basically over, skipped school A LOT and opted for bike rides and picnics instead, put the finishing touches on the senior skip day, seriously soaked in the beautiful weather and really loved on moscow, fell off my bike and busted open my head, and did not get june, i graduated from high school and nervously gave the graduation speech, had the most fun graduation party at my house and attended an all-night one put on by the high school (…where i was hypnotized!), said goodbyes to my family and friends and moved to utah…only to see them two weeks later in portland at my grandpa’s funeral, and spent a weekend at a cabin in july, i spent fourth of july on the lawn of a fancy country club in salt lake, rode a horse, went on a seriously awkward hiking date where i was pressured to where a cowboy hat?, had the most fun five days ever in the hometown of katie and avery in southern california, and nearly got kicked out of the hospital’s cafe for stealing refills of vanilla and cherry diet august, i saw edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros at a twilight concert series, explored san fransisco with my family, watched my brother get married and my grandma dance crazily at the reception, surprised jason at his family reunion in red fish, idaho, took my first college final, and visited home for a few weeks where i squeezed in some beloved lake time, went to a foam dance party, and prepared to go back to byu where i was rooming with avery(!!!!) and living right across the hall from rachael and lily(!!!!).in septemeber, i began a friend-crush on landon, josh, and ally while spelunking in a provo cave, camped in a yurt, ran (well…stumbled) a half marathon in the mud, went to a 90’s dance party where rach, lily, aves, and i were the first to get there and last to leave, landed a job, had an ultrasound in which i flashed the pee-cup-getter, learned that i CAN NOT sit through a full football game and, fortunately, avery can’t either, sat in a fancy suite at the salt lake real game and drank so much of the free diet pepsi, and got really nostalgic over summer october, i watched bruce get baptized, went to vegas with rachael, celebrated my cousin sean’s birthday with my aunt, grandma, and mother in town, spent halloween day as a fifth-wheel (WILLINGLY!), drove for fifteen hours straight squeezed in a car with landon, phil, josh, and brighton to portland, rode around on a moped called hidalgo, and watched the entire kardashian wedding with my sister, mother, and grandma in canby, oregon. in november, i watched the vandal vs. byu game alongside my fellow idahoans, celebrated a faux-thanksgiving with my family in a hotel room in utah because beau and rosemary couldn’t make it back, made the executive decision to hop on a bus early and come home for an extended thanksgiving break in which i ate ice cream every day, and got hit by a car on my bike? boo that.

in december, i fell in an even deeper love with my friends and college experience, had the BEST birthday ever and was completely and totally surprised at a dessert shop, bought a camera (mostly)all by myself!, went to the first presidency christmas message, won an intramural championship (ha!), ate far too much at tucano’s and had the best friend-date ever with lindsay, josh, and landon, made a silly youtube video, said sad goodbyes to josh and landon, didn’t take finals seriously enough (oopsies…), came home for break and did real idaho-y things like shoot guns and eat potatoes, and celebrated the new years by taking kenziggy pop out for a movie and sneaking in popcorn and sodas and getting surprised that my kylie-friend is in town!the end; bring it on 2012.

a very merry christmas.

waking up at 4 a.m. to watch part of a christmas story. lining up at the stairs from oldest to youngest. watching the snowman for the 19th time. breakfast casserole prepared by my grandma (even though she wasn’t here!). christmas day happy yips and pips. my brother driving? turkey dinner. not showering or moving all day long. church and chad ruining pictures. little naps. slumber-party groggy feeling.