june, where’d you go?!

the final two weeks of june were spent moving into and decorating the place that jeff and i will share come august. my mother came down with a truck-load of supplies and a car-load of kids to help me out (read: do it all while i floated around seven peaks’ lazy river and made ikea runs)(ikea’s soft serve vs. chic fil a’s? i just can’t decide!)(read: my mom is the literal best).

i loved having my family in town. it was so fun to show off provo to them. my favorite outings were to the movie brave (holy best. movie. ever. exclamation point. i recommend it as a mommy-daughter bonding date;  is there anything better than a date with your mom? i submit not.) and to provo’s comedy sportz (there’s something so tasty about soda that’s been snuck in, right?).

and! and we fused together the stapleton and (3/8ths of the) mosman clan. it was magical and chili’s tortilla chips were involved. i was sort-of actually nervous for the ordeal…mostly nervous for myself. when i’m trying to fuse together two groups of people i tend to get seriously awkward and try to force friendships; “susan likes rice and you ordered a rice bowl today and susan likes..breathing and so do you so…ha! friends? let’s take a picture together!” …luckily i didn’t have to build any bridges and everyone got along swimmingly.

bye, bye june!

One response

  1. What a fun week! My right arm is still sore from painting and drilling through cement walls. Ha

    I mostly miss that 55 inch tv where Sean and Jef look so much better full size. See you Monday!

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