…so married-student wards are weird (and so are married students. ha! self deprecation!) at least ours’ was. there was no before-class gossiping or after-class lingering or even during-class note passing! it’s like these people are adults or something! thus, i decided to start shopping around for a new ward (…or go test our other option). you guys, there were SIX babies blessed that day. SIX! and all of them were trendily-named, it was like a competition! (that i will gladly participate in when it’s the appropriate time; it’s inevitable that my kids are going to get beat up on the playground if someone doesn’t intervene with my name options…)anyways, we were still exhausted on monday from listening to all of those cutesy names and were in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. the local park seemed fitting! aren’t we trendy! …is park-going trendy? probably not, but seeking out concerts is! and that’s what we did. we sat down and listened to the music for awhile until we realized that we were in the midst of a park-church of sorts…and then we got up and started swaying with them! the people there were all so nice and the guy conducting had a voice like rafiki :) (…even while he was condoning polygamy?)(no, seriously. but he did bring up some valid points…just kidding!).we ended the night at cubby’s, a new restaurant in town right next to little ceasar’s. recommend, recommend, recommend! i ordered the beet and goat cheese salad because i have a mad-crush on beets…and goat cheese (WIN!) and jeff got the philly sandwich. my salad was one of the better salads that i’ve gotten at a restaurant (it was actually seasoned!) and the generous bite i had of jeff’s sandwich was tasty. plus i am obsessed with the interior of the place.

also i’ve watched all three seasons of arrested development this week, are you judging me? (i have a post of my favorite AD quotes sitting in my draft box–it’s a bit out-of-hand!)


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