happy fourth of july! or fifth, rather.

76% of the time when jeff and i go out into the public world (a rarity!), we don’t talk. we just listen. romantic, no? …not actually. we listen to other people and their conversations, couple’s preferably. the fourth was an optimum time for this! at the parade on university avenue (provo seriously loves america…it’s like a week-long festival of america and hot dogs and glorified lemonade stands!), we saw couple’s cuddling and snuggling and telling each other about their “crazy bet with [their] brothers about how they have to be married by next august! isn’t that cool?” (his date shied away). then we went swimming and sat poolside as two boys wrestled each other. what? why? they started chatting up the ladies on the perimeter about their high school wrestling careers which then segued (surprisingly naturally!) into a debate about child-rearing.

finally, the fireworks. you guys! their was this adorable pug right beside of me and one of us, i’m not telling who, was so scared during the finally that defecation happened…poor little pug-guy. i thought that the world was about to end! those babies were loud! but even more interesting and frightening than the fireworks was the co-ed group of friends(question mark?) sitting beside us. they were extremely passive in their desperation for an eternal companion. like, almost so much that it was blatantly obvious…they kept suggesting games like ‘twister’ and ‘sushi tag’ (have you ever heard of sushi tag?! from the likes of it, it seems to be a game where it’s socially acceptable to grope one another! no, seriously!)(…truth: i’m not above it. they just didn’t let us play, sad face!).

and thus, the fourth. happy birthday america!

p.s. i got that swimsuit up there for FIVE DOLLARS! FIVE! high-FIVE to me?

p.p.s. before the fireworks show, we went through two separate drive-throughs for dinner…so american, right?!


2 responses

  1. five dollars?! you scored! sometimes i think i need to move to provo and force myself into the strange world or dating and marriage-hungry people. but then i think about and realize that place would eat me alive. also, i got your wedding announcement in the mail today! diiiieeeeddd. it is sooooo cute/gorgeous/creative/perfect.

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