what i’ve been up to…

  1. i’m home! it’s been so great. i haven’t cooked one meal for myself…that’s right, not one meal (breakfast, lunch, OR DINNER!). except for the separation from jeff…kind of sucky-pants (…so i jokingly having to talk about being engaged every time i leave the house; i feel like a broken record “i know it’s weird! i am so young! it is so soon! i feel uncomfortable staring into your eyes of fiery judgement!”)
  2. …jeff came to visit for the weekend. i really tried to sell him on the living-in-north-idaho thing; the rolling hills and friendly people really played to my advantage…the giant red statue my town just put up in the middle of town that is supposedly a seed? but i think looks more like a lady part? not so much.
  3. our road trip up here was sort of the best, in a retrospective kind of way. 12 and 1/2 hours in a small car can kind of wear on you…rather, jeff’s odd choice in pandora stations can (i didn’t even know fall out boy and panic at the disco made other songs besides their ZFUN 106.1 hits!)(…they were awful!). nonetheless we did have fun and vegged our faces at the westside drive-in in boise (it was on ‘diners, drive-ins, and dives’)(!!).
  4. although i’ve rarely been showering, i’ve been showered TWICE while being here! more pictures to come.
  5. about that soda challenge? pfftt. i had zero motivation and my mother’s negative influence and icy mugs did not help my cause.
  6. yesterday my sister, nikki, and i addressed 4,525,285 invites…and that was only jeff’s side. my sore left-hand hates how friendly he is to people. why couldn’t he just have no friends?
  7. waikiki is now a thing of the past and now i am on the job-hunt. does anybody need a babysitter? hair braider extraordinaire? back scratcher? hire me, i’m shamless! ;)
  8. guys, life is expensive. and so boring! my mother and i have been busily returning and exchanging things from my shower and buying me the ‘basics’ of cooking, cleaning, and living. why i can’t just start decorating already is beyond me? i mean really, i was doing just fine stabbing open cans.
  9. one weird thing about being home is running into people you were never really that close to in the first place but feeling obligated to hug them and catch up. even more weird is running into them twice in one day…
  10. …and basically a whole lot of nothing else. really, i have no excuse for being a deadbeat-dad to this blog besides that i have rapidly fallen out of the habit of assuming any sort of responsibility or schedule (besides watching everything on our DVR!).

5 responses

  1. I’ve missed your posts Brooke! Honestly, your blog is great. But I have a blogger to blogger question: So photobucket changed how they do photo collages… What are you doing now? I’m completely confused…

    • okay, so i don’t know the EASY way BUT go to your photo and press ‘exit’…then it will bring up Pixlr. press ‘close’ on the picture and it will bring up some boxes and one of them will say ‘collage’ –if that doesn’t work, ‘edit’ the picture and then switch it to advanced editor. go to ‘edit’ i think on the top, or something, and then it will say ‘image size’ and underneath it will say ‘canvas size’ –press canvas size and double the canvas size depending on how you want it (width, height) –then go to ‘layer’ and say ‘open image from library as layer’ …then you press the triangle button and drag the new picture over. HOLY SHIZ i hope that made sense.

  2. I TOTALLY feel your awkward pain when is comes to running into people in Moscow that you feel obligated to chit chat with. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I hate that! And WHAT is this new statue thing you are talking about?!?! YIKES! Good old Moscow!

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