veggie crazed.

you know those people. the ones that say they “don’t feel right” without their morning 12 mile run, or a long, sweaty session of hot yoga? people who claim they actually “don’t really like carbs, thanks!” or “just don’t have a craving for sweets ever.” people who, you know, at the core of their existence would actually like to sit on their coach all day and cuddle up to a large piece of warm bread.

sometimes i wonder if people feel this about me when i tell them that vegetables are one of my favorite foods (…right behind warm bread). i genuinely, genuinely at the core of my existence love vegetables in all of their capacities: warm, buttered, salted, raw, drenched in ranch, sautéed, fried, juiced…i love them all!

i’ve been trying to get jeff to appreciate them as much as i do but a compromise is usually made. last night, for instance, i was terribly hungry around eleven. i wanted something warm and filling and…vegetable-y. i had an acorn squash on hand and began looking up simple recipes. i was envisioning some coarse salt, a slap of butter, and an hour in the over. jeff, however, wanted something sugary and buttery and fried, maybe? thus, we compromised (we are so ready for marriage! ha!); i give to you: baked acorn squash…jeff-style.

preheat oven to 400 degrees. half acorn squash and scoop out seeds. place each half in a baking pan with a little bit of water on the bottom (so the skin doesn’t burn). coat the front of the squash with butter and leave some in the cavern. sprinkle on some brown sugar (or in jeff’s case, make a snowball of brown sugar and leave it in the cavern)(…his was way more delicious…) and drizzle maple syrup on the top. bake in over for 60-75 minutes or until the squash is soft and the tops are browned. spoon any buttery substance on top of the squash, let cool for a few minutes, and serve!

delicious. delectable. perfectly sweet. best late-night-snack ever, to date.

here are other easy and delicious veggie-dishes i’ve been making:

  1. baked kale chips.
  2. baked onion rings (with avocado garlic aioli).
  3. spicy collard greens with rice.
  4. rainbow chard and red potato hash.
  5. (d.i.y) sundried tomatoes.


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