hippity happiness!

last night jeff worked until eight and i decided to make a full-fledged dinner; foil-baked tilapia with parsley, rice with collared greens, and some frozen yogurt with baked apples (COMPLIMENT MY DOMESTIC ATTEMPTS!). as i was putting the finishing touches on the meal and staring out the window like an anxious puppy dog waiting for him to hurry up and come over, i decided that i could be perfectly happy doing this for…ever?  well, maybe not for ever. but for now. isn’t that funny how that works? i mean, i do want more…of course! i want more education and more clothes and more kitchen-counter space but, even if that never happens–even if i had to use the makeshift fold-out counter-top forever–i know i could be happy with this and most of all, with him…and i think that’s pretty neat!

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