182 days//the great soda challenge.

this past year, a large diet coke (with cherry, or vanilla, or fresh lemons…or a diet pepsi, if you must!) has become an extension of my arm. my body just doesn’t look right without it! the big plastic cups from gas stations and grocery stores filled to the brim with the dark, beautiful goodness are my favorite accessories! better than over-sized watches and chunky necklaces, even! (reason: i feel like they make my mannish hands like miniature and girly…no, seriously! i have always had this theory that god gave up on my extremities ;)

anyways, that said: i’m going off of it. i think? jeff bet me some fancy boots (or maybe a new watch? or perhaps the right to name all 26 of our kids whatever i desire?) that i couldn’t stop drinking it till my birthday (…in 182 days, precisely). or could? whatever…if i stop, i get boots or some other such thing.

so, will you cheer me on? and not tempt me? (or maybe just pat me on the back when i fail in like…a week?)

…i’m going to regret this.

One response

  1. You won’t regret it!!! I’ll do it with you?!??? I need to stop! Sonic happy hour is controlling my life! You can do it! But, seriously I’ll do it with you. The more the merrier right?!? :)

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