i hate to be all gushy-face, but man oh man do i love this boy! i am seriously counting down the seconds until we get married (okay, lies; that would be tedious!) and am so, SO excited. the other day i asked him what he was most looking forward to about being married (ha…) and he said, “just watching television and sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate from over-sized mugs!”

…our future looks bright, exciting, and…over-sized? ;).and…done!

*all photos were taken by my amazingly talented friend kylie while we were in california this past weekend. she is such a good little photographer and makes you feel so comfortable! (though i still felt a tidge awkward taking the “kiss jeff!” command from her– i didn’t know if we were still abiding by the no p.d.a in front of friends unless it’s prom or a mostly-scary movie but still, keep it minimal please! rule? no? guess not?)


11 responses

  1. Literally the cutest couple I’ve ever seen!! Soooooo happy and excited for you two!!! You are beautiful Brooke!!/

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! You two !!! So cute! Looove the smiley almost kissing one!!!! They all turned out so darling! How could they not?! You’re a smokin hot couple!

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