bruges waffles and frites.

something that i noticed about jeff early on (and loved!) was that he shared my love of adventures and food and adventures for  food. we love to look up ‘cheap eats’ around utah county and try them out (rules: both meals must be roughly under 15 dollars, drink must be shared, bread basket encouraged). on thursday we finally, finally tried out bruges waffles and frites in salt lake city and it did not disappoint! (we actually had to make the trip to pick up a chinese kung fu man suit…? ha. jeff is in his friend’s movie and is an emperor!)(i was cast in it too! as the floozy party girl who hits on the emperor, makes out with him, and then leaves…and, action!)y1of1-3-2jeff ordered the waffle monster, a leige waffle stuffed with delicious speculoos spread (umm, hi! cookie in a bottle!), vanilla bean ice cream, and fresh blueberries…he almost shared. i ordered the frites with andalouse sauce (it’s like fancy mayo) and was in starchy-goodness heaven.

we ended the day watching some adult-league kickball in the park (on accident) and developing major crushes on the flamboyant pitcher…he was just so cute!

…and that was our thursday :)


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