unsolicited advice.

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::do go see the avengers, this means war(in a dollar theater, of course!)(jeff and i were DYING laughing; “FTFO!”) and chronicle but DON’T go see the vow (channing tatum in a fedora? really?) and the lucky one …but maybe do go see that one just to gawk over the fruits of zac efron’s recent puberty. and do order the large popcorn and two large drink combo every time. (story! jeff always insists on getting the large, refillable tub of buttery popcorn and a few days ago i didn’t see the point of forking over the $6 so i improvised and plucked a freshly used tub out of the garbage and went to the concessions to sneakily get my FREE refill…jeff wasn’t having any of it! he refused! WHAT?! he shot down the best idea i ever had! sad face!)

::do go see a show at ‘comedy sportz’ in downtown provo if you haven’t already…i was rolling on the floor! well, not really, but almost! and get blackjack personal pan pizzas afterwards…and perhaps costa vida before? are you feeling that? but don’t park your car next to a creepy man who asks if you know who chris angel is and proceeds to levitate. wait…what?

::don’t lock your keys in your car at the grocery store, especially when it’s a three-mile walk home (why did i go to days market, again?!). but if you do, run into the store and impulsively grab a coconut water; two thumbs way UP! (or maybe? maybe i was just super thirsty? or felt super trendy?).

::don’t go shopping at the mall with jeff…just, don’t. his unspoken theory (or at least i’m almost sure): you should spend twice as much time as the item costs considering buying it. did that make sense? english? if a shirt costs 45 dollars, he will spend 90 minutes looking at it! HOLY! SMOKES! i am more of an impulse shopper…and that’s how i ended up with zebra print pants this week? i thought they were floral?

::don’t blow up your microwave making popcorn but do make ranch and panko chicken…but don’t make paula deen’s recipe that calls for 65 sticks of butter and 34 cups of margarine. oh, paula! oh! also! do make cilantro and lime quinoa, mac and cheese cups, and greek yogurt pancakes! :)

::don’t try to break all barriers with your roommate at one time. she will be overwhelmed. oops.


3 responses

  1. the avengers was amaaaazing. seriously, best movie of the year. we went to that comedy sportz show once as a sorority for date night. we even dressed up in sports attire!

  2. i’m so glad someone else sees every newly released movie on the planet. surprisingly, i didn’t go to avengers! but with you on the lucky one and on the vow (whatttt!).

    ditto. you’re a daily dosage of continuous laughter.

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