i hate to be all gushy-face, but man oh man do i love this boy! i am seriously counting down the seconds until we get married (okay, lies; that would be tedious!) and am so, SO excited. the other day i asked him what he was most looking forward to about being married (ha…) and he said, “just watching television and sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate from over-sized mugs!”

…our future looks bright, exciting, and…over-sized? ;).and…done!

*all photos were taken by my amazingly talented friend kylie while we were in california this past weekend. she is such a good little photographer and makes you feel so comfortable! (though i still felt a tidge awkward taking the “kiss jeff!” command from her– i didn’t know if we were still abiding by the no p.d.a in front of friends unless it’s prom or a mostly-scary movie but still, keep it minimal please! rule? no? guess not?)


we’re off!

…to (hopefully) sunny southern california! we are going for jeff’s best friend’s wedding, to see his family, and to finalize some of our own wedding details (three words: funnel cake tasting…!). although we have a long drive ahead of us, i am looking forward to it! i have my well thought-out road trip snacks to munch on (pictured above) and the new norah jones’ album downloaded…plus a pretty good-looking driver, too ;). happy thursday!

a letter to myself at 15.

*it has been so strange and sobering to watch my little sisters grow over this past year. mckenzie is a bonafide hipster child with her big glasses and green skinnies and paige…let’s not talk about her, okay? she suddenly has lady curves and no braces and witty tweets? i don’t like this change. but this change does make me reminisce and thing about my early years in teenhood (and cringe, cringe, cringe). if i could go back now, i wish i could tell myself a few things…particularly my 15-year-old self:

dear brooke at 15,

hi, you! it’s you…well, me…who is you…from the future! i am sure you are all into this future-talking-to-present-that-is-actually-past-becaues-it-is-the-present type of thing; you are at a weird moment in your existence where you want to be different and unique and quirky so badly that you listen to music you don’t like and attempt books you don’t understand (we all see twilight creeping out from the back of that uncreased copy of war and peace). well, stop. you are different and unique and pretty rad in your own little way. perhaps it’s because you are SO. INCREDIBLY. NORMAL. admit it: just like 19/20 of the teenage girls around, crappy reality television makes you happy…as does diet coke, long bubble baths, and the occasional nicholas sparks’ book-gone-movie. i promise you, if you just accept this and move forward, you will save an entire year of grimacing through ‘animal collective’ albums (also i promise, promise, PROMISE that your worst nightmare will never actually be realized; you know? the one where all the songs and artists on your ipod are announced over an intercom and everyone judges you for listening to the black eyed peas and beyonce on repeat?).

also, get over that silly boy you are so sad about. a little factoid from the future: in about seven months, he will start growing dreadlocks and tattooing his forearms with his own initials and bob marley lyrics. yes. that guy. on that note, maybe just don’t date? anyone? but if you must, like, really must, date the nice boy who gets semi-flirty with you at the end of your junior year–he is not ‘the one’, but he is a good, good egg (and can grow a beautiful beard! you love beards!).

finally, don’t play basketball (you end up hating it), stop eating a large bowl of sugary cereal before bed every night (your pooch emerges at the tender age of 17), don’t cut the blonde of the bottom of your hair (the ombre comes back! and with vengeance!), and be nicer to yourself.

oh, brooke. if only you could see what you have coming in a few years…i think some of your decisions would be different. great things and people and opportunities await… and so does a really bad grade in science because you are semi-cheating your way through it? (PAY ATTENTION in that class, silly girl!) i know that things are kind of, sort of rough right now in a teen-angsty type of way, but it will pass. and it will get better, so much better.

…also hug your parents hard–partially because it might help cure your hug-awkwardness but mostly because they kick serious, serious butt.

now, go on! live! see you soon!

–brooke m.

p.s. don’t shoot the penalty kick in the district playoffs your junior year…you miss.


my dad sent me this email today. i suppose he was just looking out for me? ha! my attendance at byu (he’s a former university of utah student) and my upcoming marriage to a california native are two pills that my dad seemingly has trouble fully swallowing… ;)

watch here.


*disclaimer: this is one of those proud-parent, ushy-gushy posts that should probably have been written in gel pen. you might gag-read through it; it’s okay, i sort of gag-wrote it…

isn’t it weird when you are surprisingly unsurprised over someone’s actions? no? yes? can anyone relate? (i hate when people describe extremely specific situations that no one can actually relate to, like “the awkward moment when it’s 4:53 on march 5th and you forget your paper is due for physics…” …you know?)

anyways, today i had that experience. i was surprisingly unsurprised.

initially, jeff and i had an easy time apartment hunting. we found a cute duplex near the school that had a large kitchen, paint-able walls, and a precious wrap around porch. i know, right? i have thought about where i would hang the large portraits of myself and all my taxidermy this entire week.

unfortunately, today right before i left for work i got a text from the couple we were buying it from that, unknowingly, their landlord had sold the place to someone else. devastation! i instantly fell into a pit of ‘BUT IT HAD A WRAP-AROUND PORCH!’ sorrow and felt like we were doomed.

but jeff quietly soldiered on! by the time i started to consider the idea of living somewhere else, he had already made a list of five different housing options listed in order of price and availability. he set up times to meet with the people and, while i was at work, went to see each place and sent me reviews of each place with phrases like ‘medium-good storage’ and ‘sick nasty!’ (which i misinterpreted? since when does ‘sick nasty’ mean ‘let’s make a deposit!’…?).

now, seven hours later, we (HE) have narrowed it down to two bigger and better (and cuter!) apartments!

in summation: i was so blown away with gratitude and what-planet-did-you-come-from?!-ness…but i wasn’t surprised. it’s just so him. (cue gagging…).

a conversation…

this conversation actually happened on saturday at work:

(phone rings…)

me (in an overly chipper manner)(…i always accidentally yell when i answer the phone at work…): HI! waikiki beach tanning, this is brooke.

man: do you guys do waxing?

me: well, no. we are a tanning booth that just…tans? but i know the place next door to us does!

man: what type of waxing do they do?

me: the…good kind? i think they wax eyebrows and lips and chins and…faces?

man: do they do manscaping? like, brazilians?

me: (not masking my disgust) no…

man: i’m in need of a good one.

me: oh. well. right. perhaps in draper…or at a spa…or, somewhere?

man: that’s far! i am actually sitting in the bus outside of your salon right now…

(look up and see decrepit 80-year-old man in a large school bus enthusiastically waving at me…i slowly raise my hand and wave back and try to not. visualize. anything.)

me: oh, wow! hi! waving! at me! it’s you! waving!

man: yes. it is.

me: …

man: well, i better keep trying. it’s urgent, you know what i mean? (laughing) bye, honey.

me: …

puking, puking, PUKING! why do these things always happen to me?!

solar eclipse extravaganza.

when jeff marched (with such masculinity!) into my kitchen on sunday afternoon and announced that we were going to the solar eclipse extravaganza in cedar city, i packed up a containers of berries and melon, grabbed my camera, and followed him out the door. 300 miles later, we arrived! i figured that we were the only people that were going to be at this extravaganza but, oh, how wrong i was! cars upon cars upon cars were parked on the side of the road with hundreds of people holding handmade eclipse-viewers and welding masks up tho their eyes. there were telescopes and overpriced hot dog stands and police men to oversee everything. we decided to park up at a church on top of a hill and watch this ‘once in a lifetime event’ (sadly we learned that eclipses happen annually…but, still…we won’t see it here till 2023!). it was…anticlimactic? nonetheless i screamed and cheered with jeff because he was so, SO into it (he was just having a particularly nerdy day; on the way there he explained to me the entire lord of the rings trilogy and on the way back, he reenacted the first three star wars’ movies…). three cheers for eclipses and adventures with the top person on my ‘list of favorite people whose names start with j and end with f’ (it’s a very extensive list).