to my avery child.

i’m sitting on the bed of our dorm right now gazing longingly (oh hey, hey!) at your empty side of the room. all of your decorations are down, your bed is folded up, and your clothes are packed away. tomorrow you are moving out to go back to sunny california and then to backpack your spring away in europe, you crazy monkey!

you have seriously been the best roommate in the whole wide world. like, too good. like, we-had-no-social-life-for-the-first-few-months-because-we-only-spent-time-together type of good.

thank you for putting up with my large messesĀ  and odd sleeping habits and for always being there to give me a supportive ‘YOLO!’ when i confess that i got a 14% on my test or that i consumed 4,653 calories of soft serve in one sitting.

thank you for letting me borrow your rain boots and sweatshirts day-in and day-out and for throwing me the raddest surprise birthday party in all of the land.

thank you for introducing me to jeff and for helping him pick out my ring and for always being a breath of fresh air (well, not always; T.M.I: 1121 has a serious gas problem…) with your enthusiasm.

thank you for hosting me at your house (HI MIYAHARA FAMILY!) this summer and for sharing your hometown with me and for balancing out my idaho-ness with your california swagger. ha.

thank you for never saying the term ‘california swagger,’ too.

in summation: thank you for being my confidant, my self-esteem booster, my closet-sharer, my cleaning-check-doer, my california sunshine (borderline creepy…), my token (half!) asian friend, my partner-in-crime, my matchmaker, my roommate, and most of all my best friend.

baby girl, you the bestest. (lezzzz be friends?)

p.s. i don’t think this creepy and public ‘thank you’ note will help us to dispel the rumors of our true but often-overbearing love for each other…but, you know…thanks for understanding.

p.p.s. donkey kick, fumey numey, and all the rest of the inside jokes we shared (…i love inside jokes almost as much as i love nicknames and i will use any opportunity to prove that i actually have them with people…)

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  1. sew, i ttly found your blog, and by-golly you are so hilarious! like, omigalsh who is this girl and how did i randomly find her blog? (a tweet from cjane) and then laughter. you are so funny. ok stop it stop it. go on. ok i’ll stop .

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