my week (as told by my phone).

this week was: lunch dates to which wich sandwich shop//froyo friday with my lady friends and gender-guessing games//a depressed little inflatable moosen baby (symbolic of my drive to actually do school)//teaching jeff photography tips//air conditioning blasting and windows down (counterproductive?)//eating easter treats en masse//awkward self portraits to showcase a near-perfect winged eyeliner//trying on suits for the wedding with jeff…he took forever//registering! dear guest list: no we don’t expect you to get us that 60 inch flat screen television…or those bikes…or all of those seasons of friends…//annabelle’s bridal shower in which i fell in love with her grandmother//dinner at jeff’s brother’s house; they just had a baby! so precious!//orange dress//night walks//getting all homesicky…over provo’s only hookah lounge?//getting serenaded…he’s such a show off!//fountain drinks. laaaarge fountain drinks.