field trip!

with an oversized dairy product and free wireless internet in hand, jeff stapleton transforms into the great adventurer of utah valley. today (while downing a cookies and cream chick fil’ a milkshake)(why don’t boys gain weight?!) he decided to take me on a field trip to see the famous spiral jetty (read: JETTY; not yetty…entirely different thing) sculpture near rozel point with my own two eyes. he kept it a surprise the entire time and tried to mask his disappointment when we got there two hours later… and the spiral was completely submerged under water (…or so we thought). oops. nonetheless, we had a great little field trip day and made two (TWO!) fast food stops for field trip food.

also we almost ran out of gas and had a twenty-minute silent ‘oh my gosh! we are going to die out here’ car ride on empty to a gas station and we KILLED A RABBIT and i peed on my shoes. but that’s besides the point. focus on the positive, no?
…also we realized that we were never actually at the spiral jetty. or yetty, for that matter. nope. we were 100 yards away. but at least we had fun!

he’s sort of, really fun.

p.s. he insists on getting credit for his new-found photography skills! to jeff: credit given.