did you ever see that movie starring jessica alba called awake? it was sick! she had her eyeballs transplanted and was seeing all these creepy face things and…anyways. the point is i am WIDE AWAKE right now. perhaps it is due to the fact that i took a three-hour (much needed!) nap today? or perhaps it is due to the fact that the two times i ran to the grocery store today i bought large cherry coke zeros and chugged them instantly.

speaking of people who are super kind (segue? oh yes i did!), today i stopped at the gas station before work to get a large bottle of water and a granola bar. the woman working at the counter was so nice! we had a three-minute conversation and at the end of every sentence she would call me an endearing name…every time! sugar, honey, sweetie, dear…oh, it was the best! thank you, dear chevron lady!

furthermore i bought a case of pepsi ‘next’ (with 60% less sugar! the thought!) today. i’ll tell you how it goes… and guess what? this weekend i played croquet and scored NINE POINTS? how am i so bad at every sport involving a stick and/or actual coordination (fishing…fishing…)?

also! also! i had a doctor’s appointment today in which the doctor told me all matter-of-fact that ‘men are like microwaves and women are like crockpots’ …i’ll let you guess what the doctor’s appointment was about. ha. she truly taught me the doctrine of…yes, that. i would love to say i didn’t sit there and giggle-blush the whole time…

finally, did you watch the kids’ choice awards? please tell me you did. and please tell me you saw selena and peeta-in-real-life posing together? oh yes they did! didn’t you like his haircut? and how do you feel about emma stone as a blonde?

…okay, that’s all. maybe i’ll sleep now.