like a train on a track.

thursday it all caught up to me: the never-ending cold i am battling, the $50 ticket for rolling through a stop sign i SWEAR did not previously exist, the sub-par work i had handed in for photography, the upcoming week of finals in classes i have not (mentally) attended for weeks, the disappointing email i received this morning, the fact that i can not find ANYTHING to wear anymore and have had a perpetual hair day for months…

the stars were not in line. i spent most of thursday morning moping around. it felt so good! i rolled around in my self-pity like a…pig in its pig-sty? or something?

jeff noticed that i was in a bit of a funk (…the deep sighs were apparently quite telling…?) and dragged me to macey’s to get some soft serve ice cream and a fountain drink.

that’s when i snapped out of it! sipping on my diet coke heavily flavored with cherry i realized that i had an overwhelming amount of things to be grateful about!

like…the fact that i genuinely like my job. i really do! a few months ago i picked up a job at the tanning booth on a whim (…make fun of me, go ahead!), but i’ve ended up loving it. i love my coworkers and the people who come in and…knowing how much people’s backs sweat in utah county?

or that i have a mother that sends me sweet packages on EVERY HOLIDAY and is so patient with me and my terrible help in wedding planning (my response to 99% of the questions: “yeah! cool! do it! okay!” …i have no opinions, officially).

or that i have the best family for me in general. cousins included.

or that i have made some of the coolest and raddest friends here at byu. no, but seriously.

or that i still have the best friends at home that are always so uplifting and supportive and understanding of my terrible facebook chat manners (…sorry, taylor!).

or that morgan called me in a flurry to tell me that when she clicked on my blog link via twitter, an inappropriate picture of manhood at its finest popped up on her screen (i’m sorry, i’m sorry, YOU’RE WELCOME!)?

or that yesterday i literally had the best apple in my entire life! or that einstein’s bagels has bagel thins and $1 oatmeal raisin cookies! or that the semester is almost over! or that i am going to portland to visit my grandma with a slight brooklyn accent in a few weeks! or that a man told me yesterday that i looked like an anthropologist? okay?

or that in four short months i am marrying a boy who puts up with the fact that i only want to listen to jojo, b*witched, and disney on pandora and patiently gives me directions to his apartment when i call him and frantically explain how i am lost! i don’t know how i am lost, but i am! ha. poor guy.

or that it’s the freakin’ weekend! and almost, almost faturday! or that tomorrow it’s general conference!

see? all better. (thank heavens…the deep sighs were really getting tiresome!)


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