night hiking pt. II

…i forgot that i had taken these last night! i had to bring a tripod for experimenting with the long-exposure…and also to take some self-timed pictures! ;) four pictures were taken rapid-fire style and jeff’s face really sums up his thoughts about my poses (and sound effects)…heaven help him! …the face in the last picture HAD to be a little staged…right?!


8 responses

  1. i love seeing pictures of you two. LOVE IT! cutest couple ever award? for sure. plus you do fun things like go on night hikes so you win the most adventurous and cool couple award. now stop before you go home with every award in the book!

  2. sooooo you don’t know me, but i was in HH over summer (in the other ward). and i think i sat by you in the first week at the cannon for dinner once? i don’t even know. anywho. don’t ask me how i found your blog. couldn’t tell ya. but it’s/you’re great. the end. night hikes woo!

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