you know that life-altering (LIFE! ALTERING!) moment when you hear your own voice on a recording? and you think to yourself THAT CAN’T BE ME! MY VOICE IS NOT THAT HIGH! SINCE WHEN?! (can anyone relate? please say yes…?)
i experienced those exact (well, not EXACT) same feelings today when i looked through my memory card and saw these pictures that paige had snapped of me and jeff at slab pizza (SUGGEST! SUGGEST!) when they were in town. what am i doing with my face? since when am i so animated? where did i come from?! (and, slightly related, WHY did i get my bangs cut at a hair school?!)

cringing, cringing, laughing, cringing. why? why?!

after-thoughts: did this post have a slight (or very strong!) undertone of narcissism? i’m aware. also maybe i’m digging for some compliments here: “brooke, you look great being animated!” “you guys are so cute!”  “you are unseasonably tan! it must be natural! not fake! totally not obvious!” it’s whatever…


5 responses

  1. Umm….I’m not even looking at your face. I’m looking at Jeff’s face looking at your face! Just got a future glimpse of #thatmomentwhenhefirstseesyouinyourweddingdress

    :) weeeeeeeeee!

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