a special little letter.

yesterday evening, my grandma mosman sent me the sweetest email! i just love her–she sent me a book all about italy when she found out that i was going to study there and then this little email when she found out i had completely ditched that plan because of falling so hard, so fast for jeff. my grandma is such a smart and kooky (in the best of ways!) lady that was madly (read: MADLY) in love with my grandpa; their marriage was so precious so this message was especially meaningful to me!

OK, so I cried….you sound just like I did when I met Grandpa.  So in love that I gave up a full ride scholarship to an Ivy League school, Sarah Lawrence, for the fall, because I couldn’t leave him.  I know you two will be every bit as happy as we were because you both believe, apparently, that it is a miracle you found each other.  And it is, it really is.  Love, G.

happy days and happy wednesday! :)

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