almost cute.

sunday after church, the j-man (I LOVE NICKNAMES!!) and i decided that it would be all cute and cliche to go on a sunday drive. we could listen to music and take in the scenery and talk about lovely things like family and small pets and bad haircuts and just be all cute…and cliche?

anyways, we hopped in the car and began to aimlessly drive. where exactly do people go on sunday drives? and what constitutes a sunday drive? how long does it have to be? does it have to be scenic?

we made up our own rules and drove to park city (wondering the whole time if we were doing this whole ‘sunday drive’ thing correctly…).

when we got there, we didn’t know what to do. what are we supposed to look at? are we talking about the right things? what do i do with my hands?! he decided to show me his family’s old cabin but needed the code to get through the gates so he called his dad (while driving! naughty!).

as he was talking to his dad, he went down a side road that had no exit and needed to turn the car around. out of laziness and too much confidence in my light blue camry, jeff neglected to make a 3-point turn and rather just went for it…and drove straight into a snow bank. ha.

after attempting to push the car out ourselves and calling both of our parents for a few hours (“hey dad! what’s up! i’m good…yeah, so i was just wondering out of the blue…do we have triple a?”), we called a tow truck.

the guy took forever to find us but the light blue camry out with no problem. jeff and i yipped and pipped with happiness! we were free! we weren’t going to die! we were…completely out of gas? with no wallets? crap.

we debated what to do; beg for gas money? park the car and call someone to pick us up? or maybe just risk it and drive ‘fueled by the power of love’?

so we did! we drove! and we miraculously made it home! and now we are alive and we hate sunday drives! (where do you even go on these drives?! what is so great about them?!).

we were ALMOST cute that day. almost.

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE MOSMAN! you’re the best. i hope that fourteen treats you well and that all of your wildest dreams come true. well, maybe not your WILDEST ones. scandal.


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