a love(ly) story.

on january 18th, i forgot to bring my diet coke to class. i know, i know…does my whole life revolve around diet coke? the answer is yes. it does.

but anyways, i forgot it.

i began walking back to my dorm when i ran into avery, my sweet roommate. we got to chatting about life and (lack of) love (…or rather, we got to chatting about the pros and cons of netflix and how quitting school sounded like a great idea! exclamation point!) and soon enough i had forgotten all about diet coke and was walking with her to her class across campus. we sat outside on a bench and continued chatting when all of a sudden…

…dramatic pause…

jeff walked by! with his best friend! avery knew them and waved them over. i was in an especially awkward mood and decided not to look up through the duration of the entire conversation (why brooke? why?). eventually avery introduced me to them and i shook their hands. it was love! at first sight! fireworks! ka-pow!

but actually i just noticed his spray-painted baseball shirt. and the fact that he was SO TAN. why was he so tan?! (mind you: i once ‘went out’ with a boy in eighth grade purely based on the fact that he could maintain a deep and dark tan. it lasted two weeks…)

later that day, i mentioned to avery that i had ran into him on campus later that day (…which i did!) and that i thought he was pretty cute. and SO TAN. why was he so tan? avery interpreted that in her own little way (and bless her for this!) and sent him a message a la facebook that she had had an epiphany! that we were made for each other! that he should really take me out on a date! exclamation point!


i was sort of, kind of, SERIOUSLY embarrassed when it had been two days and he hadn’t messaged her back. especially seeing as i had stalked him really, REALLY hard on facebook and felt like i knew him (though his facebook was not telling AT ALL; his likes: holes, old maid, justin bieber, and one tree hill).

finally, FINALLY he messaged her back on thursday saying that he would for sure call me and date me on a date this weekend…probably.

probably? probably. what did he mean by ‘probably’? and why was he SO TAN?

that night, i went to a matt costa concert mostly because i knew he would be there (matt costa was also one of his likes on facebook–i’m not creepy, right?) and also because i like matt costa(…ish). as my friends and i were shoving our way up to the front, i spotted him and suggested that we stand right next to him “because it was the best spot? the acoustics were great? it’s fun to be squished? but also i really really like the tall dark guy over there and have facebook stalked him for the past week and he is going to take me on a date…probably?”

as matt costa played, all i could focus on was jeff. he was like, two feet away from me! and clearly on a date! and why was he SO TAN? he was so funny. he kept yelling at the warm up band and dancing around and singing along all too loudly. it was love! fireworks! ka-pow!

but actually i just built up the courage and touched his shoulder and told him that i knew him! i had met him a few days before and i was avery miyahara’s friend! and that i liked old maid and the book holes and justin bieber and orange county TOO! they were my favorite things to do EVERY DAY!

…he just looked at me and nodded and laughed (…and later told me that he couldn’t really hear me…blasted…).

but i interpreted that as love! i told avery later that night that we had chatted and laughed and had SO MUCH FUN at the concert together.

then it was friday night. avery’s mom was in town and we went to a fancy little dance concert. we sat in the front row and gawked at the dancer’s fit and shapely thighs…how were they so fit and shapely? mostly i just thought about jeff. he said he was going to take me on a date this weekend…probably….but why hadn’t he called yet? did our matt costa concert interaction turn him off? and why was he SO TAN?

right before intermission i looked at my phone and saw that i had a missed call and a message from a 949 area code. who the heck could it be? i listened to the message (quietly) and DIED when it said: “hey…uh, so this is kind of weird but this is jeff stapleton…avery miyahara’s friend. i got your number from her but anyways…”

most. awkward. message. ever.

and bless him for lying! i knew he hadn’t asked for my number, rather avery had thrown it at him in her facebook message!

he asked me to go indoor surfing for that next day.

crap. a swimsuit date on the FIRST DATE? as my friend morgan says, swimsuit dates are for after you are sealed for eternity. and it was the middle of winter! what we he thinking? sealed. for. eternity.

i called him back (after drafting up a very scripted conversation) and told him that i wouldn’t be able to indoor surf tomorrow but that we could do something later? and then i deferred from the script and began telling him how i was super easy…going. super easy going. and how i was watching these dancers and their thighs were just…

he cut me off and told me that he would think up something for tomorrow evening and that he would call me back tomorrow.

perfect. i’m so easy…going. easy going.

he texted me that morning and told me that he was thinking about going to the basketball game and maybe grabbing something to eat afterwards? did that sound good? question mark?

perfect!because remember: i’m so easy…going.

after 3,454 outfit changes i was ready for my first date with jeff freaking stapleton! he was so funny and manly and tanned and i was going on a date with him! i was jazzed! i called my mom and asked her how to act around a guy i actually liked while i waited for him to pick me up. mid-conversation, he texted me and told me that he was outside and i cussed at my mom! CUSSED AT HER! PROFANITIES! i was so nervous!

when i walked out the front door, he was waiting outside his car and opened the door for me (…later he told me that he actually had forgotten what i looked like and was really, really nervous about what he was getting into…love at first sight?). i immediately apologized for being so weird on the phone and began rambling on about how i was really not humble by choice, but because i had to be because i had no real talents and how he was lucky that i agreed to a date because i normally pick avery and hulu over any other social outing and yada yada yada…(…later he told me that i talked…A LOT…on our first date but how he liked it!).

we had the best time at the basketball game and the best time getting ice cream afterwards. he actually told a group of little kids at the ice cream place that i was his wife (ON OUR FIRST DATE!) to which they replied: “why would SHE marry YOU?!” ha. bless those little kids.

and then…

he dropped me off. or kicked me out of his car, rather! at 10:15 on a saturday night! he pulled up to my dorm reallll close and just said “okay” to which i responded “okay” to which responded “okay” to which i responded “…thanks for everything. umm…goodnight!” to which he responded “…okay.”

wait what? i called my mom and told her that i was really, really, SERIOUSLY confused by this boy. we had just spent that past couple hours laughing and talking about everything (or rather: i was talking and laughing and he was…watching?) and then he just kicks me out! at 10:15 on a saturday night!

fortunately he texted me 30 minutes later (he confessed that he had set a timer! ha!) and said that he had had so much fun and that we should get something to eat that next week.

from there, things just took off running.

well, sort of. we actually didn’t hug or touch or anything for the first week.

it was so weird! we would say goodnight and literally back away sprint-walking away from each other. in one instance he just biked away! i told all my friends about it and expressed my concern that it was like when you don’t know someone’s name and you pass the point of asking for it and it’s gone forever? it was like that. we were bound to never touch!

and then…

he kissed me! in his car! after eating a breakfast burrito (…that he gave me NO BITES of, mind you). he thought that i was giving him “the look” but really i was just smiling and thinking about how he had just wolfed down that entire breakfast burrito. fireworks! love! ka-pow!

from THERE, things just took off (..and he learned to share his food!). we began to spend every waking second together watching the o.c. and staying up really, really late and eating chicken bakes at costco and fake studying in the library and…everything! we did it! together! love! fireworks! ka-pow!

a week after the kiss in his car, we had a sort of awkward ‘dtr’ (define the relationship) outside of a pet shop (he wanted to look at hamsters?) and decided that we should probably just date exclusively because he was such a catch and i was such a catch…it only made sense, right? (and besides, i was sick of bad dates; after our first date i went on a date with a guy who told me that he was ‘socially impaired’ about five minutes into the date…ummm, okay?).

after that, everything moved REALLY quickly but i’m so happy about it. it was like i knew that we were moving 973 mph but i wanted it to go faster because i just thought was the best guy in the whole entire universe (…which he is!).

but there was still the issue of italy (i had been accepted into a study abroad program that fall)…

to go, or not to go? i secretly just wanted him to ask me to stay but didn’t think that he felt the same way about me that i did about him…

and then!

i prayed and prayed and really thought it out and was seriously leaning towards not going to italy. it just didn’t feel right. plus i was completely madly in love with jeff and didn’t actually think i could be apart from him for that long.

finally, FINALLY he told me that, although he really wanted me to go to italy for myself, it would be hard for him to let me go. and that maybe sometime in the future WE could go to italy together…or at least go to olive garden and i could order dessert? and that he loved me and thought that i was the greatest person in the history of the planet earth.

i pressed the ‘withdraw application’ button that night.

it was so crazy. i fell for him SO quickly and SO hard. i had had all these plans pre-jeff about traveling and being single and then..he came into the picture. i was NOT planning on being the girl that dates a return missionary and is engaged two months later…but i am. (whenever i’d play that game with my friends where we guess how the future is going to pan out, they would always say that i was going to get married last and late! i was so proud of that!)(side note: i used to play that game with my friends from soccer and they all agreed on my occupation: secretary–WHAT?!). and i am SO happy about it.

the end. (well not really, he proposed and it was so cute and i’ll tell that story later!)

…also that was really long. and i am sorry. but i am in love and i don’t care who knows it! ;)

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  1. I am sooooo glad that you told this story while it’s fresh in your mind! You two are just adorable! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see just how tan your kids will be. . . not quite yet! Just had to throw in a tan comment. ;-) Love ya!

  2. this is the best blog love story i have ever read. but really, why was he so tan? also you cussed at your mom? i love it. looooveeeee it. opened your car door? he’s a keeper. but obviously you know that, you are marrying the guy. fake wife on first date? golden. luke & i once pretended to fight over a pregnancy test. then we kissed over a high school’s letter – some silly version of true aggie. i hope that means eternity for us too. weird that i just said that on the web? pretend like it’s not.

    • no you didn’t! that’s hilarious! you two need to be together NOW…also you need to update me on that…a phone call on your birthday? hmmmm. and no, not creepy at all. hahaha.

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