leap year.

how to celebrate a leap year:

  1. drive to salt lake city and make a pit stop at sonic for happy hour drinks (with two shots of vanilla!) and a large order of tater tots.
  2. pull up to the building and debate braving the snowstorm that came out of left field and the two and a half hours of economics class but then turn to one another and telepathically say “let’s skip class.” (truth: it was a long debate initiated by him in the pros and cons of missing class)
  3. sprint over to the energy solutions arena, buy tickets to the jazz vs. houston game that is going to start in 84 minutes, shovel down an overpriced dinner, and repeat over and over and over again “WE ARE SO SPONTANEOUS!” and then realize that acknowledging you are spontaneous cancels out any ounce of true spontaneity.
  4. watch(ish) the game from the nosebleeds (we were in FOLDING CHAIRS!) but mostly just listen to the gaggle of ten year old boys in front of us and their dating lives. WHY DO THEY HAVE DATING LIVES?!
  5. leave game. drive home with heat on high and say HAPPY LEAP YEAR! (or maybe just goodnight?)

the end. happy leap year! and happy birthday, leaplings!


2 responses

  1. I’m going to sonic happy hour today, just because you mentioned it! One shot of vanilla and some limes please. . … yum!! Such a spontaneous couple you are!

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