enchilada suizas.

last night the j-man (…i really just love nicknames but have never been good at giving them…suggestions?) begged me to accompany him on a little trip to salt lake city. jeffer the heifer (thoughts?) really had to twist my arm to convinced me to come (…by saying that we could go and eat afterwards!). have you ever been to the red iguana? holy delicious dive.  we split the enchilada suizas and quite literally inhaled it in thirty seconds (then were inwardly (or outwardly) angry with one another for having to split a meal…). i was skeptical at first over the mole sauce but will never, never, never regret my decision! SO TASTY. like, scrape-the-plate-clean-with-your-fork/knife/chips type SO TASTY.

…and then we paid…and then we left…and now i am recommending it to you!


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