chopsticks and head scratching.

background: this weekend jeff’s (that’s his name! curse of the j’s!) parentals are in town and yesterday he wanted me to meet them. HOLY NERVOUS! i started to have a minor (MAJOR!) panic attack and consulted my mother for help. i asked her what i should wear and what i should say and should i use my real name? or make up a new one? do i shake hands? hug? how long is too long of a hug? friend pat? back scratch? should i just kiss them on the mouth? i texted her in ALL CAPITALS to get on facebook chat where she coached me up and told me to maybe, probably not kiss them. ever.

i looked back on the conversation this morning and realized that my mom evidently has loads and loads of faith in my meet-the-parents skills……and for the record (mom!), it went swimmingly… and i only scratched my head with chopsticks once when the attention was off of me, at least i’m almost sure.


7 responses

  1. Freakin hilarious. I am dying. AND SO GLAD IT WENT WELL.
    P.S. you still owe me a lunch/dinner/breakfast/brunch/linner date.

  2. oh my YESSSSSS! meeting the boy’s parenst?! i am bursting with happiness right now! promise to post a play by play of the meet up? or fb message me the deets. either way i want deets. on you on him and the meet up. gosh i love what’s happening in your life!

  3. Ha ha!! I love you and all your stories! I’m glad the parent meeting went well! But, honestly my dear cousin, who wouldn’t absolutely adore you?!? Can’t wait to hear more. :)

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