for the love of…

i’ve decided i am four years old. or 13% disgusting. or unnaturally motivated by food, fountain drinks, and retail stores. i have an obscenely busy day today (…studying! midterm! classes! work! kapow!) and was dreading, dreading, dreading it last night. but then! but then i decided to seek motivation–the thought of a good grade on the test and making money just wasn’t enough. i told myself that if i woke up on time and studied in the morning, i could go get a mcdonald’s oatmeal and diet coke and if i completed my day unscathed, i could make a target run! and wander around longer than usual! maybe even try on some shoes?

am i four years old? or just really pathetic? ha. either way, it’s 8:15 a.m. and i have my diet coke and oatmeal in hand and i am just jazzed about the long day ahead. also i am listening to dixie chicks on repeat and yes, ‘cowboy take me away’ is just as good after the seventh time. best day ever? i submit yes!

2 responses

  1. target run! so fun. the nearest target is half an hour from my school so i have to resort to when i’m here (aka it becomes more of a distraction than a motivational tool). however when i’m home on break i go to target almost daily because it’s less than 5 minutes from my house. and the shoe section… well lets just say i spend a decent chunk of my time and money there. my roommate makes fun of me because pretty much all of my shoes are from target, haha.

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