valentine’s day.

happy day-after-valentine’s day. are you still suffering from food coma? me too. yesterday was unnaturally wonderful. valentine’s day normally makes me super nostalgic for elementary school; i miss being guaranteed as many valentine’s as there were people in class and making those fun little boxes and misinterpreting cards (“logan gave me a card that says ‘U R SPICY’ therefore he must be in love with me therefore i should probably chase him around the playground!”)…sigh. i am getting nostalgic again.

but! but this valentine’s day was different! it was so good! remember how i talked about that basketball game date fiasco before? apparently the date went extremely well and he thought me mixing up the left and the right hand was endearing? maybe? anyways, the point is that i spent valentine’s day with him (maybe i’ll talk about him more and disclose his actual name soon? oh, the mystery…)! we went to costco for appetizers (free samples! free samples!) then to pizza factory for some delicious chicken alfredo pizza and ended the night going to see the movie extremely loud and incredibly close (…which paled in comparison to the book; i don’t suggest seeing it but i suggest reading it).

was this boring to read? probably. but i am ALIVE!


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  1. okay i am dyyying for more deets on this boy! love that you guys were together on valentine’s day! and i’m super super bummed to hear that extremely loud wasn’t all too great of a movie.

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