today in church, a girl in a spicy cheetah-print top shared her thoughts about the importance of finding our own personal faults and personality-flaws and trying to improve. she talked about how she knows her faults but she actually kind of, sort of likes them–she feels like her faults are apart of her and make up her personality.

i was running on two hours of sleep, but that caught my attention. there are so many faults that i have and generally like (…making endless fun of my siblings, cursing when i drop things, dirty jokes…) that are so inextricably apart of me and my personality that it would be hard to change them. i feel like those things are what make me me…you know? amen, sister girl! who would i be without these quirks? i bet you guys wouldn’t even like me, right?! (wrong!)

she went on to say that while we should cherish our imperfections (…ugly laughs, overactive bladders, fat hands…) and accept the fact that having faults in our personalities and selves is basically, practically inevitable BUT we should refrain from making these quirks a central part of our identity because it is better to have character than to be a character.

profound! and i bet you guys would still like me fine sans dirty jokes about sailors and pirates! right? (RIGHT!)

food for thought? i’m running on two hours of sleep?

and for that, i thank you dear girl in the spicy cheetah-print top.

2 responses

  1. What a great lesson, “to have character rather than be a character”. I’ve never heard that before! And I love all your quirks….don’t change a thing! Except for eating off my plate, you can stop that one ;o).

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