as per recommendation of maggie, i read the fault in our stars by jonathon green last week. you guys! maggie knows! the book flows so naturally; the books makes you laugh out loud and cry salty tears without forcing anything on you. you know? and you can buy it at costco! a book and a $1.50 hot dog and fountain drink? could there be anything better?

and as per recommendation of everybody and their great aunt, i am now reading the hunger games. okay, hi! i get it now! the hype is right! i am only a few chapters in and i already have a major girl-crush on katniss everdeen. she is seriously bad-a!

now, do you have any book suggestions? please don’t be shy! i am sure i will love it! (…unless it’s harry potter; those books weigh too much for my small biceps…)(or if it’s twilight. i don’t like twilight for reasons i will not get in to) (okay, since you asked: don’t you think edward and bella’s relationship is slightly abusive? like, he’s so controlling! and not even good-looking! and a vampire!)

hit me with them! (book recommendations, that is)


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  1. freak yes! the hunger games rock. it’s the one & only series that comes even close to topping hp. no it does not, i repeat does nottttt, top harry potter but it comes pretty dang close. twilight books are awful. yep, i said it. everyone can hate on me now if they must but those books are not worth my time. her other book the host though, now that was pretty good. it’s like reading an entirely different author. give it a try. also give The Book Thief a try. it’s one of my all time favs. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was a good book too. read it before you see the movie though. i feel like the book will be ten times better. also i know it’s a bit of a weird recommendation but one of my alll time favorite books was The Golden Compass Series. ready set, go read some good books.

    • i’m with you. twilight stinks (though i do see all the movies). and i loved extremely loud and incredibly close–have you read ‘everything is illuminated’ by him? so good. i’m going to have to read the book thief, you are the second person to suggest it! thanks lady!

  2. hokay!

    how we broke up, EVERYTHING john green (i.e. looking for alaska), do hard things, snow flower & the paper fan, little bee (a fave), vaclav & lena, fly on the wall, sloppy firsts, plan b, and life of pi.

    i’m book obsessed.

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