alone-time irrationalness.

are you ever met with sweet, sweet moments and you are so excited over them that you act irrationally and spoil everything? was that too specific? like, for example, maybe your friend makes you your most favorite kind of cake and in a moment of hyper enthusiasm you decide to dump the cake on your head instead of eating it? or maybe you meet your most favorite celebrity and instead of asking for their autograph and taking a picture you decide to sprint away and scream your brains out?

i had one of those! i spoiled my sweet, sweet moment!

my lovely roommate avery’s mom is in town for the weekend and, as is customary when moms are in town for the weekend, avery has been bunking at the hotel. there is something that is magical about not sleeping in the dorms and waking up in a big, clean hotel room with a continental breakfast.

this means that i have the dorm all to myself. a rare occasion that should be savored and taken very seriously.

my first night of being alone in the room went…not as well as planned? i went to sleep on tuesday, excitedly planning my alone-in-the morning time for wednesday morning; what should i do? sing songs really loudly? read a book super quickly? try on all of avery’s clothes and lay in her bed? (juuuust kidding) oh, the options!

when the alarm sounded on wednesday morning, i popped out of bed! alone! immediately i turned on the light and stripped off all my clothes. i don’t really know why, perhaps simply because i could. after a few minutes of standing there, i realized that, as of late (…as of three years ago…), i wasn’t looking in tip-top condition; here and there was looking…portly. and i don’t even like the sight of my own body anyways! i shamefully picked up all my clothes off the ground and put them back on, grimacing at the wasted ten minutes.

next i decided to work out. i browsed youtube for the best at-home pilates videos on the internet and decided on one by a lady named jenny ho. or was it cho? no matter. i set my computer by the door on some books and turned up the volume as loud as possible…because i could! because i was alone!

five minutes into the video i realized that, for the people outside, it sounded like i was indulging in some…erotic videos. jenny was huffing and puffing and telling us to “juuuuust keeeeep going! you’ll be shivering with happiness by the end of this! come on! come on! come ON!”

…jenny, you bad girl, you.

exhausted from my flurry of excitement and disappointed that i had ruined my hour of solidarity, i got dressed, inhaled a waffle drenched in syrup and peanut butter, and made my way to class…shivering with happiness that i had finished the pilates workout.



One response

  1. HA HA HA HA!! You kill me! Alone time is precious, it’s true. You flopped this time! HA HA HA! Also, I keep picturing you dumping a giant cake on your head in a moment of excitement! HA HA HA! Love you!

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