sugar boo.

have you ever had a dream that is so real that when you wake up, you can’t decide if it’s actually reality? (crowd interaction, call me herbie hancock!)(truth: i have no idea who herbie hancock is…i just google’d ‘who interacts with their crowd a lot, a lot?’) on thursday i had one of those dreams!

my dream was that i was dating someone. a boy! he had brown hair and was on the basketball team and just thought i was the greatest thing in the whole land. we were so for each other! we held hands and kissed each others faces and ate out a whole lot and talked about celebrity gossip ad naseum and even dropped the L-bomb!

and it was real, guys! we really did love each other!

and he was actually a real person? and was actually on the basketball team? and from his twitter, i know he doesn’t like croutons? and we had had two interactions in REAL LIFE! 1. i was looking at gelato flavors in the food court and he walked by and said something in my direction(…ish…?) and 2. i was at a dance party and he said he liked my dance moves…sarcastically…very, very sarcastically.

but that’s besides the point, because we loved each other in my dream and were so meant to be! he just needed to realize it.

on saturday, i had accepted the fact that it was just a dream and that it would never happen…or so i thought.

as i was sitting there alongside my friends, i found myself feeling like i was dating him…in real life. i cheered extra loud and got all fired up when they subbed him out: “but he’s going to get cold!” “what are they doing?! oh, i hope this doesn’t upset him!” every time he scored, i hooted and hollered and swatted away all the fans that were undoubtedly looking at me, his sugar boo.

fortunately my family and outback steakhouse beckoned at half time. i fear that if not, i would have waited outside the locker room for him and swooped him up in my arms and put him in my backpack or something.

…and then i woke up! but just kidding.

the end.

p.s. isn’t that picture rad? you think? oh, thanks!

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