there are a few dates (because i date so much?) that i simply can not stand: ice skating (it hurts my ankles and why would i pay to go around in a circle?), gory movies (sans large soda and buttery popcorn), and bowling.

my hatred for bowing is three-fold. 1. being up to bowl reminds me of being up to bat which reminds me of how badly i stunk at softball (i was the worst!); 2. i never know what to do after i’m done and always make eye contact with the table of people too early, you know? and then i have to maintain it or do a little face or try to be cutesy and make that long walk back; 3. the shoes. i just don’t like ’em. that said! that said i think i like bowling now? i’ve turned a new leaf or something? yesterday afternoon my family and i made our way to the bottom of the wilkinson center and bought two games and shoes a la student discount! my grandma is a renowned bowler and gave us some pointers (“aim at the second dash from the right…”; “keep your arm and thumb straight at the target…”; “stop trying to do a cute face! you’re not on stage!”). my mom made strike after strike after strike and was equally as excited every time. (note how excited they were for her? ha. the constant strikes were getting old!)
a new leaf, people!


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  1. the shoes are the only thing i actually like about bowling. i always consider stealing them every time but then i remember how many other feet have been in there and i change my mind. maybe i should purchase my own. how cool would it be to go on a blind date bowling and whip out your own shoes? that’s a sure way to earn a second date, am i right or am i right?

  2. How come no one celebrates when I get a “Turkey” in bowling (now that I’m considering being a professional bowler, I figure I should learn the lingo)? Perhaps I need to stop being so competitive? Ya, probably not going to happen. What a fun weekend! Miss you already :(

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