spaghetti factory.

there are two things you should know about my family:

1. we are creatures of habit. if we like something, we love it and we will love it until we can’t love it anymore. it’s kind of a ‘why fix what’s not broken?’ type of attitude–if something is working for you, why change it? right? for example, my dad eats wheaties for breakfast every. single. morning and every christmas we eat the exact same meal every year down to the pineapple punch.

2. we are crazy, stupid lingerers (well, the girls are). give us a target and a free refill and we will aimlessly wander for eternities. we linger in cars, we linger in malls, we linger in restaurants.

thus: the spaghetti factory was born.

every time my grandma is in town, we go to the spaghetti factory. it’s not that anyone in my family loves the spaghetti factory all that much but…it works! and why fix what’s not broken, right? everyone orders their same dish (manager’s special with half mizithra and half meat sauce and yes to the spimoni at the end, please!) and we sit down in the stupidly large table and we shout at one another because no one can hear and…it’s tradition!

last night we went and lingered…and lingered…and lingered…(and the cutest picture of the night in which true love is captured…)…and that’s my family.


5 responses

  1. My family is also strongly bound by tradition. We’ve eaten the same meal for both Thanksgiving and Christmas for every single year that I can remember. Beautiful photos in this post. I like them especially in black and white, you do a wonderful job of capturing emotions and expressions.

  2. we’re a habit like family too. especially when it comes to food. i am as bad as it gets – i order the same thing nearly every time when i go out. ps we order the same thing at spaghetti factory. manager’s is the only way to go. and that spimoni afterwards…. i die. it’s worth going there if just to get that single scoop of heaven.

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