wakey, wakey!

it’s six in the morning and i am wide, wide, WIDE awake. i used to like to convey my wide-awakeness by saying that “I AM SO AWAKE I COULD RUN A MARATHON!”…which really makes no sense seeing as i couldn’t run a marathon no matter the time of morning…but if i could run a marathon, i am so wide awake that i could…you know?

i don’t actually know what woke me up. perhaps i was still hyped up from the six refills the waiter gave me at p.f. chang’s last night (was he trying to kill me?!), or perhaps from my hunger pains (why after you eat chinese food do you get hungry?), or perhaps i was awoken by my realization that i am so behind on my television shows and have limited time to catch up?

but maybe, actually i was awoken by my excitement for the day and week ahead. everything seems to be right in the world right now (…i know, i KNOW! i said this only a few posts ago!): my mom and grandma are in town for the weekend (YES!), i love my classes and am genuinely interested in what i am learning, we had an intramural soccer team meeting last night (…that was formal dress…) and my team is killer (and called ‘green machine’–do i bring up the other meanings of that phrase?), aaaaand my zumba instructor told our class that we were beautiful and vibrant souls…thank you zumba instructor.

…but maybe, actually i probably just woke from hunger pains? because that makes more sense? but we will just pretend that i awoke from excitement and happiness and sugar plum fairies because that’s a lot more sentimental and heartwarming.

now my mother dear and geemama just need to WAKE IT UP so we can start this day.



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